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The Guernsey lifeboat station is one of only four in the Channel Islands. Operating for over 200 years, the crews of the Guernsey lifeboats have been honoured with several awards for gallantry.

Spirit of Guernsey
Spirit of Guernsey battling the waves on Guernsey's south coast - picture by Jonathan Le Ray

The first Lifeboat Station on Guernsey was established at St Sampsons in 1803 following representation to the then States of Guernsey by the Douzaine (local parish council) of St Peter Port. The Station was taken over by the RNLI in 1861 and subsequently moved to St Peter Port, where it is presently based, in 1881.

The Station has seen a variety of lifeboats over the years and the current lifeboat is the Severn class 'Spirit of Guernsey'. The Island has always been proud to support the Lifeboat Station and crews; in 1973 a special appeal raised a considerable sum towards the cost of the Arun Class "Sir William Arnold".

Twenty years later an appeal was launched to raise £1 million to support the building of "Spirit of Guernsey". Thanks to the generosity of friends in Guernsey, Sark, Herm and further afield, the target was achieved within one year.

The RNLI relies entirely on voluntary donations.

Guernsey's safety and official fleet

Records show that the Guernsey Lifeboats have been launched over 1,330 times and saved almost 600 lives. Guernsey can be extremely proud of the many Coxswains and crew who have accumulated a most impressive number of RNLI gallantry awards with no less than 2 Gold Medals, 8 Silver Medals and 15 Bronze Medals being awarded since 1861. There were also 6 Silver Medals awarded before the RNLI took over the Station. In addition, the bravery and skill of local crews have been recognised by several foreign Governments with awards from France, Norway, Greece and Liberia. This show of bravery is almost unparalleled by any other RNLI Station in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Picture by Brian Green

Registered Charity Number 209603 - for the Official RNLI web site, please visit www.rnli.org.uk

Guernsey Yacht “Majic” suffers steering problems

At 1806 on Saturday 16th August 2014, Guernsey Coastguard received a call from the Guernsey Yacht “Majic” with (4) crew on board requesting assistance. The yacht reported steering problems and was unable to proceed.

The relief St Peter Port Lifeboat, the "Daniel L Gibson" departed St Peter Port at 1908 and found the casualty 2nm East of St Martins point at 1929, the Lifeboat managed to connect a tow rope to the casualty at 1942, then towed the yacht back to St Peter Port harbour arriving at 2028.

Belgium yacht “Eos 2”

At 2128 on Wednesday 13th August 2014, Guernsey Coastguard received a call from the Belgium yacht “Eos 2”drifting in the Little Russel with no engine, and two people on board.

The St Peter Port Lifeboat departed St Peter Port at 2239 and found the casualty of St Sampson harbour at 2253, the Lifeboat returned to St Peter Port with the casualty in tow arriving at 2315.

“Daniel L. Gibson” called to assist persons stuck on Rocks

1508 A call was received by Guernsey Coastguard from the Ambulance and Rescue Centre on Sunday 11th August 2014, requesting assistance in locating two persons cut off by the tide on rocks close to Petit Port. As at present Airsearch is unavailable and it was considered too rough to launch an ILB, the “Daniel L Gibson” was tasked to locate the two stranded persons.

1553 Lifeboat Yellow

1611 Lifeboat pier heads outbound.

1624 Lifeboat on scene, casualties located, crew directing Cliff Rescue Team to casualties’ location.

36 foot yacht “Schull”

The St Peter Port Lifeboat was launched at 21:55 last night (Wednesday 30th July 2014) to go to the assistance of the 36 foot yacht “Schull”

The vessel had suffered complete engine failure and had become becalmed.

As there were no vessels in the area able to assist the decision was made to send the Lifeboat to tow the yacht to St Peter Port.

The Daniel L Gibson arrived safely back with the casualty at 23:35.

"Fancy Free" taking on water

At 0040 on 4th July 2014, Guernsey Coastguard received a 999 call from the local vessel “Fancy Free” saying he was taking water after hitting rocks on the way back from “Sark” and unsure of his position.

The St Peter Port relief Lifeboat the “Daniel L Gibson departed St Peter Port at 0102 and found the casualty approximately 1/2nm East of Sark with 2 people on board at 0126.

The Lifeboat returned into St Peter Port with the casualty arriving at 0158.

Jeanie 3

Sunday 29th June 2014

1827 A call was received by Guernsey Coastguard that the 27` yacht” Genie 3” had suffered engine failure was becalmed and drifting close to rocks north of Herm,
1835 As initially, no-one responded to the request to go to the stricken vessels assistance the Lifeboat was tasked to assist the yacht.
1853 Lifeboat pier-heads, proceeding to casualty.
1907 Lifeboat on scene, establishing a tow. Local boat “Sea Monkey “assisting
2005 Lifeboat back in St Peter Port with the “Genie 3” in tow.
2040 Lifeboat refuelled and back on station

A "trio" of calls

The St Peter Port Lifeboat was in action for the third time in less than 24 hours, when Guernsey Coastguard received a call from the yacht “Trio” which was 27 miles South West of Guernsey, that they had lost all power and were becalmed.

As no other vessel was able to assist, the Relief Lifeboat Daniel L Gibson was launched to assist at 22:07 on Thursday 19th June 2014. The lifeboat was on scene at 23:16, established a tow and was safely back in St Peter Port at 02:07.

Taoro fouled propellor

The relief St Peter Port Lifeboat the Daniel L Gibson was launched at 13:22 local time on Thursday 19th June 2014 at the request of St John’s Ambulance and Rescue, to Medivac a 60 year old female from Sark.

The lifeboat was safely back at 14:11, and the casualty was transferred to hospital.

1961 photo of lifeboat exercise

We have been supplied with a most interesting old photo.

It is the RNLB Lloyds off St Peter Port harbour in an exercise with the Guernsey Life Boat and a RN helicopter on 24 June 1961 (photo taken by John "Eric" McDermott). I believe RNLB Lloyds was the Jersey relief lifeboat at the time.

Kindly provided by Richard McDermott

Click on the photo for a full size image

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