Cheque for £1000 from Julie Eastwood

The Guernsey branch of the RNLI was delighted to receive a cheque for £1000 from Julie Eastwood.

Julie entered and completed the Great North Run earlier this year and was supported in her efforts by friends, family and work colleagues. She was amongst 56,000 competitors.

The cheque was received on board Spirit of Guernsey by Mr Edward Fattorini, Deputy Chairman of the St Peter Port branch of the RNLI, together with crew members. Mr Fattorini said “Spontaneous donations such as this are always most welcome to the RNLI as the service depends entirely on voluntary contributions.”

a-cheque-of-1000-being-presented-to-edward-fattorini-by-great-north-run-competito-julie-eastwood-aboard-spirit-of-guernsey-28-10-16-pic-by-tony-rive-1 a-cheque-of-1000-being-presented-to-edward-fattorini-by-great-north-run-competito-julie-eastwood-aboard-spirit-of-guernsey-28-10-16-pic-by-tony-rive-2 great-north-run-competitor-julie-eastwood-with-her-cheque-of-1000-for-the-guernsey-branch-of-the-rnli-28-10-16-pic-by-tony-rive


Renewal and upgrading of Navigational equipment

The work on renewal and upgrading of Navigational equipment on board the St Peter Port Lifeboat ” Spirit of Guernsey” and associated familiarisation and training has now been satisfactorily completed.

This morning, “Spirit of Guernsey” was hauled up at the Marine and General shipyard, St. Sampsons at 7 am for its six monthly “Wash,  Brush up and inspection”.  Among other minor planned jobs will include an oil change, a full high pressure water wash  of the hull and  a coat of antifouling paint.  “Spirit of Guernsey” will return to the water  on tomorrow morning’s high tide.

In the meantime, the relief lifeboat “Volunteer Spirit” will remain on station.  On satisfactory return to service of the “Spirit of Guernsey”,  “Volunteer Spirit” will return to the UK.

Peter Gill
Lifeboat Operations Manager

photo by Carl Bisson

photo by Carl Bisson

St Peter Port Lifeboat Launched to Assist a Pregnant Lady on Herm

In the early hours of Sunday 16th October, 2016, the St Peter Port Lifeboat was launched to assist a pregnant lady, staying on Herm

Initially St Johns Ambulance and Rescue’s “Flying Christine III” was tasked but, due to weather and the state of tide, was unable to conduct a safe patient transfer. St Peter Port Lifeboat proceeded to Herm’s Rosaire Steps, with paramedics and a midwife on board, where a successful patient transfer was conducted using the Lifeboat’s rescue craft, the “Y” – Boat.

On arrival back in St Peter Port the lady was transferred to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital by Ambulance.

Pride of Guernsey Award

The crew of the St Peter Port lifeboat were awarded the Pride of Guernsey award for “Emergency Hero of the Year”, sponsored by Rossborough at a presentation including Lt-Governor Vice-Admiral Ian Corder, his wife Lady Corder and Deputy Bailiff Richard McMahon.

The inaugural awards ceremony, presented by James Bentley and hosted by Andy and Jo Priaulx, saw the Guernsey Press office completely transformed into a spectacular venue, fitted-out with state-of the-art lighting and visuals.

Nominated by the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club, it said the crew ‘regularly put to sea in difficult and very challenging sea conditions to protect and save lives. The members of the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club appreciate this voluntary service immensely and it gives us great comfort knowing that we have such an excellent crew in Guernsey available if things should go wrong.

‘Each and every member of the RNLI Guernsey crew is selfless, willing to put their life on the line and step forward if required to serve. The recent rescue of passengers from the Trident ferry in very foggy conditions is but one example of many.’

The crew agreed they wished to give the prize money to Channel islands Air Search as a contribution to their new aeroplane.


“Spirit of Guernsey” undergoing significant equipment upgrade

The St Peter Port lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” is now off station and undergoing significant equipment upgrade from late this afternoon (Monday 10th October 2016).

She has been temporarily replaced by the “Volunteer Spirit”, another Severn class lifeboat from the relief fleet,  which was collected by the St. Peter Port crew from Plymouth earlier today.

The equipment upgrade principally involves replacement of the original Radar and Direction Finding equipment with state of the art equipment and includes extensive associated re-wiring.  The work will all be carried out in Guernsey by RNLI technicians assisted by the lifeboat crew.  On completion, there will be a  short period of training and familiarisation before ” Spirit of Guernsey” returns to service.

Peter Gill
Lifeboat Operations Manager


photo by Carl Bisson