DateCasualtyNameService performedSavedLandedLifeboat/ONComments
05 Jan 2019PleasureMantaTowed21203Fouled propellor, unable to proceed. 6 miles south of St Martins Point.
07 Jan 2019PleasureTubbsTowed21203Engine failure, unable to proceed, 6 miles South of St Martin’s point.
21 Jan 2019AircraftPiper Malibu N264DBSearch1203Lost from ATC radar, searched with Alderney lifeboat, CIAS and UK CG helicopters. Nothing found, two souls lost.
20 Mar 2019BuoyBuoySearch1203Reported unidentified object at sea. Found to be a Canadian channel marker buoy.
23 Mar 2019AssistanceStranded personNSR1203Person on rocks in need of assistance. Aided from ashore, lifeboat stood down.
21 Apr 2019PleasureMajeur DeuxTowed 21203Smoke from engine compartment. Boarded and towed to St Peter Port.
28 Apr 2019YachtAlluraTowed 51203Aground on rocks near Beaucette, Towed to St. Peter Port
06 May 2019FishingKendorTowed 21203Broken down near Vivian Beacon, drifting onshore, towed to St. Peter port
29 May 2019YachtRancerTowed11203West of Sark, having difficulty in making headway, towed to St. Peter Port
03 Jun 2019PleasureDingbatTowed21203Swamped near Hanois, lost communications, CIAS search, launched liferaft. Towed to St. Peter Port.
06 Jun 2019YachtPicklesTowed21203Fouled propellor 4 miles N of Platte Fougere. Towed to St. Peter Port.
15 Jun 2019YachtAddikoTowed21203Becalmed, unable to proceed, towed to St. Peter Port.