Donkey Diver’s donation

Donkey Diver’s Dive Instructor Steve Bougourd handed a cheque to Jim Le Pelley following ongoing RNLI/Padi Sea Survival Courses held in Guernsey. Flanking the two men aboard the St Peter Port Lifeboat Spirit of Guernsey are, Lifeboatman Jack Sparks (Right) and Perspective Crewman Stuart Carre. Photo by Tony Rive

Pic by Tony Rive 11-04-17
(L-R) Perspective Lifeboat Crewman Stuart Carre,
Donkey Diver’s Dive Instructor Steve Boagourd, Guernsey Lifeboat Station Management Group Chairman Jim Le Pelley and Lifeboat Crewman Jack Spark’s, on the Aft Deck of the St Peter Port Lifeboat Spirit of Guernsey.

Pic by Tony Rive 11-04-17
Dive Instructor Steve Bougourd (2nd left) from Donkey Diver’s shaking hands with Guernsey’s Lifeboat Station Chairman of the RNLI Management Group Jim Le Pelley after handing over a Donation cheque following an Ongoing RNLI/Padi Sea Survival Diving Course. Flanking the Steve and Jim are Lifeboat Crewman Jack Sparks (Right) and Perspective Crewman Stuart Carre on the aft Deck of the St Peter Port Lifeboat Spirit of Guernsey.

Lifeboat crew train with new UK coastguard helicopter

A NEW coastguard helicopter from the UK was the focus of a training exercise in Guernsey yesterday evening.

The St Peter Port Lifeboat and the Sarnia harbour work boat took part in the winching exercise which involved transferring people to and from the helicopter.

The AW189 will be coming into service from 1 April and will be predominantly based in Lee-on Solent.

Before it enters into service it is carrying out exercises with key stakeholders along the south coast, including Guernsey.

Assistant harbour master Jerome Davis said it was a good opportunity for all crews to get used to the new aircraft.

‘Exercises like this are very important, especially this one, because if we need a helicopter it will more than likely be the AW189,’ he said.

The helicopter has a cruising speed of 145 knots and maximum speed of 169 knots.

It has a 300ft twin hoist with a maximum load of 600lbs.

Words courtesy of the Guernsey Press, Photos by Tony Rive


The “Spirit of Guernsey” launched to carry out a Coastal Search for a Missing Person

1115 Following concerns for the Safety of a Missing person, who`s vehicle had been located at Pleinmont Headland, the “Spirit of Guernsey” along with CIAS and the Civil Protection Volunteers had been called out to carry-out a thorough search around the Pleinmont Headland .

1135 Lifeboat Pier-Heads proceeding to the Search Area

1152 Lifeboat on Scene, commencing the search, to include the Creux Mahie area around to Lihou Island. Civil Protection Volunteers along with Ambulance Volunteers attending; St John Ambulance Cliff Rescue Team on Standby

1334 The lifeboat had carried out an extensive inshore search from Les Tielles to an area north of Lihou Island using the “Y” boat inshore from Rocquaine all the way north to L’Eree and including the neck of Lihou, all with negative results.

1358 The “Spirit of Guernsey” was doing a final sweep along the South coast when a report from observers on the shore, that something was in the water close to the shoreline in an area just under the carpark where the Missing Persons vehicle had been located.

1452 The weather conditions at that time were not good (Wind SW F6) for approaching a lee-shore with very little room to manoeuvre in a small bay where the item had been observed.

Notwithstanding Lifeboat Cox Jason Norman, displayed outstanding boat handling skills in approaching with the Lifeboat and providing a lee for the “Y “boat to be launched again.

The “Y” boat crew also deserve mention as they managed to retrieve the item of clothing and also noticed an object floating in a cave nearby, returning to the lifeboat they picked up a stretcher, additional crew and returned to the shore area and entered the cave where they discovered the casualty.

1509 The “Y boat returned to the Lifeboat, casualty transferred and then proceeded to St Peter Port.

1527 Unfortunately on arrival at St Peter Port the casualty was pronounced deceased by the Duty Medical Officer.

1616 The Lifeboat was refuelled and is back on Station.

M.T. Gaudion
Duty SAR

Photos by Tony Rive

The course of the St Peter Port lifeboat during the search, AIS tracking by Digimap

The St Peter Port lifeboat tight in the cove in a SW F6


Snowy Hamon

Today was a sad day for the St Peter Port lifeboat station.
We said goodbye to former crew and 2nd cox Snowy Hamon. The church was absolutely full.
An escort of vintage tractors and a low flyby by the Channel Islands AirSearch said it all.

At least a dozen driver’s bought their Tractor’s to St Peter’s Church today to retired Lifeboatman Snowy Hamon’s Funeral. The service held at 1300 was packed solid with mourners.
Pic by Tony Rive 14-02-17

“Spirit of Guernsey” called to assist 8.5m local fishing boat “Le Mirage”

1534 A call was received by Guernsey Coastguard from “Le Mirage “, a local 8.5m fishing boat, 2 miles south west of Sark, that the vessel had experienced a complete engine failure and was unable to proceed.
1535 All ships message … requesting assistance for the disabled vessel. No response. As there was no one available to assist “ Le Mirage”, the “Spirit of Guernsey “ was tasked with towing the stricken vessel back to St Peter Port.
1603 Lifeboat pier-heads proceeding to the casualty
1618 Lifeboat on scene. Tow being established.
1630 Lifeboat returning to St Peter Port, “Le Mirage” under tow. Estimated time to St Peter Port 90 mins
1759 Lifeboat arrives at the Pierheads. Tow passed to Marina Dory’s
1812 Back on station

Le Mirage under tow, photo by Carl Bisson

Lifeboat crew securing tow rope, photo by Carl Bisson

St Peter Port lifeboat course. tracking courtesy of Digimap

Pic by Tony Rive 11-02-17
Local Fishing boat Le Mirage being towed into St Peter Port harbour by Local Lifeboat Spirit of Guernsey.
The owner requested help via JESCC as his boat had lost all power whilst fishing approximately 2 miles south of Sark.
Spirit of Guernsey got to Le Mirage at 1618 and arrived back in St Peter Port with Mirage under tow at 1759.

Pic by Tony Rive 11-02-17
Spirit of Guernsey near the Cruise Liner Tender Pontoon after towing local Fishing boat Le Mirage into St Peter Port, then up to the Fish Quay where a Marina Dory manoeuvred it to its Berth.

Pic by Tony Rive 11-02-17
Lifeboat Spirit of Guernsey and Guernsey Harbours Marina Dory assisting local Fishing boat Le Mirage to its berth at the Fish Quay after the Lifeboat had towed it back to St Peter Port from a position 2 miles south of Sark. It had lost all Power and needed assistance to get back to Guernsey.
This was Spirit of Guernsey’s first Shout in 2017.

GPA donation for St Peter Port lifeboat and Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation

The St Peter Port lifeboat today received a cheque from the Guernsey Powerboat Association as a result of their raffle at their end of year official prize giving.

Mark Sauvarin, Chairman of the GPA and Deb Sauvarin, presented the proceeds of the raffle to the GPA’s two chosen charities. The Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation, represented by Andy and Jo Priaulx; and the St Peter Port lifeboat represented by Edward Fattorini, Colin Le Conte, Coxswain Buzz White and Peter Gill.

Pic by Tony Rive 06-12-16
Member’s of Guernsey Lifeboat and Management Group, Buz White, Peter Gill, Colin Le Conte and Edward Fattorini with Andy and Jo Priaulx of the Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation and Mark Sauvarin from the Guernsey Powerboat Association on the foredeck of the St Peter Port Lifeboat Spirit of Guernsey. Two Cheques were presented to the St Peter Port Lifeboat Station and the Foundation by Mark Sauvarin, money raised during the Powerboat Club’s annual End of season Presentation’s and Raffle.

Pic by Tony Rive 06-12-16
Guernsey Powerboat Association member’s Mark and Deb Sauvarin (far right and second right) presenting Edward Fattorini a cheque  which the Powerboat Club raised during the end of season Presentations and Raffle. They also presented Andy and Jo Priaulx (Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation) with a cheque.
(L-R) Colin Le Conte, Jo and Andy Priaulx, Edward Fattorini, Lifeboat Coxswain Buz White, Deb and Mark Sauvarin.