“The Spirit Of Guernsey” tasked  to assist a 10m yacht 4 miles north of Sark

On Tuesday 31st July 2018 at 1733, a call was received from Crossma Joburg, informing Guernsey Coastguard that a French 10m yacht “Octave” had suffered an engine failure and was unable to sail due to the lack of wind. A French fishing boat, “Bambi” was close by and Crossma Joburg organised between the two vessels, to tow “Octave“ to St Peter Port. At the start of the incident “Octave” was in the vicinity of the Schole Bank, northeast from Guernsey.

Unfortunately, the “Bambi“ that had been towing “Octave”, suffered an overheating engine and was unable to continue with the tow.

Guernsey Coastguard put out an “all ships call” asking for assistance for the disabled yacht.

As there were no available vessels to go to the assistance of the yacht “The Spirit of Guernsey” was tasked to the yacht`s assistance

2045 Lifeboat Yellow
2104 Lifeboat at the Pier Heads bound for the casualty
2130 Lifeboat alongside casualty – connecting a tow.
2305 Lifeboat expected back in St Peter Port –with the casualty.

M.T. Gaudion
Duty SAR

AIS tracking courtesy of Digimap

RNLI issues safety warning – Guernsey Lifeboat News Release

Sunday 29 July 2018

The RNLI has urged beachgoers to stay safe if they head to the beach with inflatables this summer.

With people flocking to the coast across the UK, there has been a spike in the number of people having to be rescued from a wide range of inflatables – ranging from footballs, unicorns, flamingos to inflatable boats.

RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, Peter Gill said, ‘Inflatables aren’t designed for the beach, and it is easy to find yourself quickly swept out to sea.

‘If you do choose to use them, we would like to remind people that they’re to be used near the shore and only when the wind is blowing back onto the beach. Never take inflatables out in big waves, and never use them when the winds which will blow you further out to sea.

 ‘On Sunday, our local volunteer crew were called out to reports of two persons with an inflatable kayak at Pembroke struggling to get back to shore. Thankfully, the wind died down and the kayakers were able to return safely to dry land.  However, it could have been a very different outcome.’

Whenever you take to the sea the RNLI recommend that you and your children wear a suitable lifejacket or buoyancy aid.  This will provide the necessary flotation should the inflatable suffer a puncture or similar.

Kayakers at Pembroke

The St Peter Port Lifeboat was launched at 11:10 on Sunday 29th July 2018 after reports were received of 2 people in an inflatable kayak, at the entrance to Pembroke bay, were in difficulties and unable to make their way back against the strong Southerly winds.  Fortunately, the Kayakers were able to make their way back, and the lifeboat was stood down before arriving on scene.

The Spirit of Guernsey was back on station at 12:15.

Pic by Tony Rive 29-07-18
Lifeboat Spirit of Guernsey climbing up heavy
swells in the Little Russel

Lifeboat Stall at Government House Fete

There will be a lifeboat stall at this Saturday’s Government House Fete from 2pm to 5pm. Do come and support us as well as the Mostly Books Shop stall which gives a third of its profits to the Guernsey RNLI.
There is some parking on site and also at Beechwood, but the Scouts will be asking for a £2 donation for this. Over 30 charities will have stalls and there will be entertainment.


“The Spirit Of Guernsey ” tasked  to assist a 9.5m yacht close to the Hanois Lighthouse

A call was received from the “St Anthony” on Saturday 14th July 2018 to advise Guernsey Coastguard that she had broken down and was unable to proceed and requested assistance.

As there were no available vessels to go to the assistance of the yacht “The Spirit of Guernsey” was tasked to the yacht`s assistance

1926 Lifeboat at the Pier Heads bound for the casualty

1955 Lifeboat alongside casualty – connecting tow

2121 Lifeboat arrives back in St Peter Port with casualty that is handed over to the Marina Staff

2131 “The Spirit of Guernsey “back on station