“The Spirit Of Guernsey ” tasked  to assist a 9.5m yacht close to the Hanois Lighthouse

A call was received from the “St Anthony” on Saturday 14th July 2018 to advise Guernsey Coastguard that she had broken down and was unable to proceed and requested assistance.

As there were no available vessels to go to the assistance of the yacht “The Spirit of Guernsey” was tasked to the yacht`s assistance

1926 Lifeboat at the Pier Heads bound for the casualty

1955 Lifeboat alongside casualty – connecting tow

2121 Lifeboat arrives back in St Peter Port with casualty that is handed over to the Marina Staff

2131 “The Spirit of Guernsey “back on station

“The Spirit Of Guernsey ” tasked to carry out  a search  south of St Martins Point

22nd June 2018 – A report was received from a member of the Public on the cliffs above St Martins Point that they had observed what appeared to be a survival suit in the water 300yds offshore. At the distance involved, they were unable to ascertain if there was anyone in the suit.

An “all ships” call was put out by Guernsey Coastguard asking for any vessels in the area to investigate the sighting, this was raised to a Pan Pan (Urgency) Broadcast, but unfortunately no one was able to assist.

The Spirit of Guernsey tasked to investigate

1854 Lifeboat at the Pier Heads bound for St Martins Point

1902 On Scene

Object identified as a yellow casual jacket, identification details were found in the jacket and the person involved contacted to ensure that everyone one was safe.

Lifeboat stood down.  — 1922 Lifeboat returns to St Peter Port.

St Peter Port lifeboat leaving its mooring – photo by Tony Rive

M/V “Phoebe” – Broken Down Motor Vessel Prompts the Launch of St Peter Port Lifeboat

At 1750 on Friday 8th June, St Peter Port Lifeboat was launched to attend to M/V “Phoebe”, a 25ft motor boat which had suffered engine failure approximately 20 nautical miles North West of Guernsey in the approaches to the Casquets traffic separation scheme. The vessel had been on passage from Plymouth to Guernsey with 2 persons on board.

St Peter Port Lifeboat arrived on scene at approximately 1910 and attached a tow line to the stricken vessel. Neither of the 2 crew members were injured and the vessel was towed safely back to St Peter Port harbour arriving alongside shortly after 2230.

Tracking by Digimap