Welcome to the official web site for the St Peter Port lifeboat. The Guernsey lifeboat station is one of only four in the Channel Islands. Operating for over 200 years, the crews of the Guernsey lifeboats have been honoured with several awards for gallantry.

Spirit of Guernsey at speed - photo by Tony Rive

The Station has seen a variety of lifeboats over the years and the current lifeboat is the Severn class ‘Spirit of Guernsey’. The Island has always been proud to support the Lifeboat Station and crews; in 1973 a special appeal raised a considerable sum towards the cost of the Arun Class “Sir William Arnold”.

Twenty years later an appeal was launched to raise £1 million to support the building of “Spirit of Guernsey”. Thanks to the generosity of friends in Guernsey, Sark, Herm and further afield, the target was achieved within one year. The RNLI relies entirely on voluntary donations.

Following a six-month training and familiarisation period, July 2019 saw the introduction of a ‘B’ Class Atlantic 85 Inshore Rescue lifeboat – the Elizabeth and Margaret Milligan (B-889) on a two-year trial for evaluation.


Picture by Brian Green

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French sailing vessel ‘Telemaque 2’

At 12:35 on Friday 15th November 2019 The all-weather lifeboat (ALB), Spirit of Guernsey was launched by Guernsey Coastguard to go to the assistance of the French sailing vessel Telemaque 2 with two persons on board.

The vessel was approximately half a mile north east of Bec du Nez, Sark and had suffered a rudder failure.

The lifeboat was alongside ‘Telemaque 2’ at 13:02 and successfully established a tow. Both vessels arrived back at St Peter Port at 13:35 where the tow was handed over to marina staff from Guernsey harbours.

The Spirit of Guernsey was back on station at 13:42

Pic by Tony Rive 15-11-19 Lifeboat Spirit of Guernsey heads out of St Peter Port harbour into a choppy Little Russel on a shout to a small (approximately 20ft) French Yacht


The St Peter Port Lifeboat was launched for a medivac from Sark at 11:49 this morning (4th November 2019).  The Flying Christine III was already attending to an incident in Herm at the time, which necessitated the use of the All Weather Lifeboat. 

The Spirit of Guernsey departed Sark at 12:28 with 1 male casualty, arriving back in St Peter Port at 12:56. The ALB was back on station after refuelling at 13:21