Welcome to the official web site for the St Peter Port lifeboat. The Guernsey lifeboat station is one of only four in the Channel Islands. Operating for over 200 years, the crews of the Guernsey lifeboats have been honoured with several awards for gallantry.

Spirit of Guernsey at speed - photo by Tony Rive

The Station has seen a variety of lifeboats over the years and the current lifeboat is the Severn class ‘Spirit of Guernsey’. The Island has always been proud to support the Lifeboat Station and crews; in 1973 a special appeal raised a considerable sum towards the cost of the Arun Class “Sir William Arnold”.

Twenty years later an appeal was launched to raise £1 million to support the building of “Spirit of Guernsey”. Thanks to the generosity of friends in Guernsey, Sark, Herm and further afield, the target was achieved within one year. The RNLI relies entirely on voluntary donations.

Following a six-month training and familiarisation period, July 2019 saw the introduction of a ‘B’ Class Atlantic 85 Inshore Rescue lifeboat – the Elizabeth and Margaret Milligan (B-889) on a two-year trial for evaluation.


Picture by Brian Green

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“Spirit of Guernsey” launched to escort sailing vessel

Photo by Tony Rive

At 1805 on Sunday 22nd September 2019, Guernsey Coastguard received a radio call from a 45ft sailing vessel with 3 crew on board asking for assistance. The vessel was 5.5 miles North West of the Hanois Lighthouse and her engine was overheating. Whilst the fresh westerly breeze was allowing her to sail, she was struggling in increasingly high seas.

Given fading light and deteriorating weather conditions, St Peter Port All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) “Spirit of Guernsey” launched at 1843 in order to locate the vessel and to escort her safely back to St Peter Port. The ALB arrived on scene at 1905 and after conducting a welfare check with the vessel and her crew, it was agreed that she would sail under escort to St Peter Port.

Shortly after 2100 as both casualty and lifeboat approached the pier heads, a tow was established due to the ongoing issue with the overheating engine. Once safely in the Harbour, the tow was handed over to Harbour staff and the lifeboat returned to station.

Lifeboats launched to sailing vessel with sick crewmember onboard

At 17:25 on Friday 13th September 2019, Guernsey Coastguard received a call from the 32ft sailing vessel ‘Second Wind’ with two persons onboard, one of which was suffering from extreme sea sickness.

 The vessel which was 4.2 nautical miles south west of St Martins point was struggling to make progress towards Guernsey due to her foresail being wrapped around her forestay and hanging in the water, the elderly skipper was unable to recover it himself.  

At 17:47 the St Peter Port All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) ‘Spirit of Guernsey’ was launched to assist the casualty vessel and the Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) launched 5 minutes later at 17:52 to aid in transferring the sick crewmember if required. 

Both Lifeboats arrived on scene at 18:02 and a lifeboat crew member was transferred to ‘Second Wind’ to assess the condition of the sick crewman and to assist the skipper in recovering his sail.

Once it was assessed that the sick crewman was in a stable condition the casualty vessel was escorted back to St Peter Port by the Lifeboats, arriving at the Harbour at 18:48.

Both Lifeboats were back on station by 19:00.