Welcome to the official web site for the St Peter Port lifeboat. The Guernsey lifeboat station is one of only four in the Channel Islands. Operating for over 200 years, the crews of the Guernsey lifeboats have been honoured with several awards for gallantry.

Spirit of Guernsey at speed - photo by Tony Rive

The Station has seen a variety of lifeboats over the years and the current lifeboat is the Severn class ‘Spirit of Guernsey’. The Island has always been proud to support the Lifeboat Station and crews; in 1973 a special appeal raised a considerable sum towards the cost of the Arun Class “Sir William Arnold”.

Twenty years later an appeal was launched to raise £1 million to support the building of “Spirit of Guernsey”. Thanks to the generosity of friends in Guernsey, Sark, Herm and further afield, the target was achieved within one year. The RNLI relies entirely on voluntary donations.

Following a six-month training and familiarisation period, July 2019 saw the introduction of a ‘B’ Class Atlantic 85 Inshore Rescue lifeboat – the Elizabeth and Margaret Milligan (B-889) on a two-year trial for evaluation.


Picture by Brian Green

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Lifeboats Launched to Rescue Person Trapped On Cliff

At 1415 on 19th May 2020, Guernsey Coastguard received a call from a person trapped on the cliff at Jerbourg Point. Before full details of the exact position could be established, communication was lost. St Peter Port All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) and Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) were launched and proceeded to the scene in order to locate the casualty whilst Police officers began searching from the cliff path.

At 1453 St Peter Port ILB spotted the casualty waving from the area below one of the German bunkers at Jerbourg Point. A crew member was landed ashore and was able to reach the casualty and escort her back to the cliff path where she was treated for minor injuries by paramedics.

Both lifeboats arrived safely back in St Peter Port at 1520.

Pic by Tony Rive
Both of St Peter Port’s Relief Lifeboats passing St Martin’s Point heading back to St Peter Port Harbour. The Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) John & Louisa Fisher B870 races ahead of the All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) Fraser Flyer 17-17.

Person Stranded

The St Peter Port Inshore Lifeboat was launched last evening (7th May 2020) at 19:29 to go to the assistance of an angler who had got cut off by the tide, and was stranded on rocks outside of Grande Havre.

As the ILB was on route, a kayaker who was in the area assisted and brought the person ashore.

The ILB was stood down at 19:40, and was back on station at 20:05.

Inshore Lifeboat rescues person cut off by tide

Pic by Tony Rive 10-04-2020 The crew of the St Peter Port Inshore Lifeboat John & Louisa Fisher recovering the casualty

On Good Friday morning (10th April 2020), Guernsey Coastguard was alerted to a person cut off by the tide on a rocky outcrop opposite the Halfway, Belgreve Bay. Whilst initial investigations determined that the man was fishing, later reports suggested that he might require some
At 1026 St Peter Port Inshore Lifeboat was launched to conduct a welfare check on the man and to render assistance if required. The Inshore Lifeboat was on scene 4 minutes later and after putting crewmen onto the rock to assess the situation, the casualty was recovered to the boat. Good conditions allowed the Lifeboat to land the casualty safely ashore on the shingle beach.
A spokesman from Guernsey Coastguard said, “Whilst people can continue to access the coast during their 2 hours of permitted exercise, they are strongly advised to check tide times and not to stray into areas which might put themselves or others in danger”.

James Way Duty SAR Mission Coordinator