DateCasualtyNameService performedSavedLandedLifeboat/ONComments
11 Jan 2020AssistanceSarkMedivac 11237Flying Christine 3 unavailable, conveyed patient to St. Peter Port.
19 Jan 2020AssistanceSarkMedivac 11237Flying Christine 3 unavailable, conveyed patient to St. Peter Port.
29 Jan 2020FishingHandy ManTowed 1?1237Broken down near Rousse Beacon, towed to St. Peter Port
09 Feb 2020AssistanceMissing PersonSearch and Recovery1237/B-889Recovered a body in Havelet Bay.
01 Mar 2020Missing PersonMissing personSearch1237/B-870False alarm, found safe ashore
14 Mar 2020Missing PersonMissing personSearch1237/B-870Trousers found ashore, believed person in water, false alarm.
05 Apr 2020UnknownUnknownSearch1237Red Flares reported off Rousse headland, nothing found.
10 Apr 2020AssistanceStranded PersonRescue1B-870Person stranded on rocks, Bellgreve Bay. Safely landed ashore.
07 May 2020AssistanceStranded personNSRB-870Person stranded on rocks, Grande Havre, rescued by a Kayaker.
19 May 2020AssistanceStranded PersonSearch and assist1237/B-870Person trapped on cliffs at Jerbourg. ILB crew assisted to safety.
20 Jun 2020AssistanceMan in waterAssisted11237/B-870Man recovered from water by police, unable to extract from location, transferred to ILB then lifeboat thence to shore and ambulance.
20 Jun 2020PleasureUnknownTowed 21237Broken down near Herm harbour. Towed to St. Peter Port
26 Jun 2020PleasureKildalooAssisted and Towed 81237Taking in water, boarded with salvage pump. Towed to St Peter Port.
06 Jul 2020SwimmersIn difficultyStood By 1203/B-870Two swimmers in difficulty at Vazon. Assisted by others. Stood down.
11 Jul 2020AssistanceSarkMedivac11203Flying Christine 3 unavailable, conveyed patient to St. Peter Port.
23 Jul 2020Missing PersonMissing personSearch1203/B-870Search called off, found safe ashore.
30 Jul 2020AssistancePerson in waterSearch and Recovery1B-870Person reported swimming well out to sea near Bordeaux. Recovered to safety.
09 Aug 2020AssistanceCliff rescueRecovery11203/B-870Person injured on cliff near Icart. Assisted St John Ambulance paramedics in recovering casualty by sea.
15 Aug 2020AeroplaneUnknownSearch 1203Aeroplane reported to have possibly crashed. Lifeboat and CIAS tasked, nothing found.
15 Aug 2020AssistanceHermMedivac 11203FC3 already on task. Collected injured child from Herm, conveyed to St Peter Port.
18 Aug 2020PleasureCatamaranTowed 1120310′ SW of Casquets, Electronics failed, unsure of position, towed to St. Peter Port.
18 Aug 2020AssistanceDiver?Search B-870Little Russel, diver surface marker buoy reported drifting in the tide, ILB launched to locate and investigate, confirmed as red flags on a fishing marker float.
28 Aug 2020Diver Search 11203/B-870Diver reported overdue near Herm. Searched, Taken to Herm harbour
30 Aug 2020PleasureTosca BlueTowed 81203Smoke in Engine Room. Attended by Alderney lifeboat. Took over tow to Guernsey.
01 Sep 2020AssistanceStrandedRecovery 2B-870Two teenagers stranded on Lihou. Brought to Guernsey
05 Sep 2020Missing PersonsKayakSearch 1203/B-870Kayak found adrift, persons believed missing. Search with CIAS. Reported safe and well. Kayak had slipped its mooring.
07 Sep 2020PleasureUnknownTowed 11203Small boat broken down 18′ W of Casquets. No vessels in vicinity. Towed to St.Peter Port
09 Sep 2020Missing PersonUnknownSearch 1203/B-870Coastal search assisting Police. Person found safe ashore.