All-Weather Lifeboat called to assist 23m motor cruiser

At 14:30 on Sunday 29th August 2021, Guernsey Coastguard received a VHF radio call from the 23-meter motor vessel “Juliette” which at the time was approximately 2.5nm south-south-west of the Hanois Lighthouse. The vessel indicated that it had fouled its Port propeller shaft and was tethered to the seabed by fishing gear.

A Pan-Pan radio call was broadcast by Guernsey Coastguard asking any vessel in the area for assistance however, there was no response to that call and at 14:47 the St Peter Port All-Weather Lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” was launched to go to the assistance of “Juliette”.

The “Spirit of Guernsey” arrived on scene at 15:25 and quickly cleared the fishing gear from “Juliette’s” Port propeller shaft. The casualty vessel was then escorted back into Petit Port on the South coast of Guernsey where Juliette’s crew carried out an inspection of the crafts propeller shafts and rudders.

Once the crew of the “Juliette” were content that there was no damage to their vessel the “Spirit of Guernsey was stood down and returned to St Peter Port where she was back on station by 17:09.

M/V “Juliette” continued her passage to Salcombe in the UK.

AIS tracking courtesy of digimap

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