Tuesday 16th September, 2014

The relief St Peter Port lifeboat was called to the aid of the 11 metre vessel ”Wavedancer” after it called Guernsey Coastguard for assistance.

The Jersey registered motor cruiser with two persons on board had picked up some floating rope in both propellers, which completely disabled the vessel.

The Daniel L Gibson left St Peter Port at 14:03 Local Time and arrived safely back with the casualty in tow at 16:20

Jersey Ski Boat in 2nd incident

Tuesday 16th September 2014

The St Peter Port lifeboat was called into service twice more this evening. The first was for the medivac of a patient from Herm to Guernsey at 16:50 and the second to search for a broken down ski-boat between Guernsey and Jersey.

The 5.5 metre jersey registered ski-boat was found by the Daniel L Gibson at 18:37 and established a tow. The lifeboat then proceeded towards Jersey where the St Helier Lifeboat took over the tow and proceeded to Jersey with the two crew members on board.

The Daniel L Gibson left the scene at 19:07 and was back on station at 20:05.

NB: This was the second incident involving this vessel after it had to be rescued off the East coast of Sark on Friday evening

40ft Fairline 5 miles East North East of Platte Fougere

The St Peter Port Lifeboat was called out at 18:25 on Friday 12th September to go to the aid of a twin engine 40 foot Fairline which was approximately 5 miles East North East of Platte Fougere. The vessel had suffered failure of one engine and was experiencing difficulties with steering.

The Daniel L Gibson was alongside the casualty at 18:58 where it established a tow and was safely back in St Peter Port at 19:45.