St Peter Port lifeboat returns to Guernsey

Following recent repairs in the UK, the St Peter Port lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” has returned to Guernsey and the relief lifeboat went back to Poole the same day. Pictures by Tony Rive

Pic by Tony Rive 02-07-2020 The St Peter Port All Weather Severn class Lifeboat Spirit of Guernsey about to pass La Platte Beacon as its return to Guernsey after a 6 month stoppover in the UK (Cowes and Poole) after being damaged during a rescue of a Fisherman last year.
Pic by Tony Rive 02-07-2020 Spirit of Guernsey passing Brehon Tower inward bound to St Peter Port following repairs in the UK.

Boat taking on water

The St Peter Port All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) “Fraser Flyer” was launched at 1423 on Friday 26th June 2020 to go to the assistance of an Alderney registered pleasure vessel taking on water 6 miles north of Platte Fougere Lighthouse.

The 8 meter vessel with 8 people on board broadcast a PAN PAN message on VHF Ch.16 prompting Guernsey Coastguard to launch the St Peter Port ALB and request the launch of Channel Islands Air Search’s Air Search 1.

St Peter Port ALB was on scene at 1459 and transferred two of the Lifeboat Crew to the casualty vessel with a salvage pump. Then the crew of the casualty vessel transferred to the Lifeboat. At this point Air search 1 was stood down.

Once the water ingress was controlled and pumped out the casualty vessel was escorted back to St Peter Port.

photo by Dylan Ray
Pic by Tony Rive 26-06-2020 Lifeboat Fraser Flyer (17-17) passing Brehon Tower as it heads north up the Little Russel after leaving St Peter Port on a Shout. The 27ft Dell Quay Ranger Motorboat Kildaloo was taking water

Lifeboats Launch to Multiple Incidents

In a busy afternoon for Guernsey Coastguard, both the St Peter Port All Weather Lifeboat and the Inshore Lifeboat were tasked to incidents around the coast. (20th June 2020)

Shortly after 5pm, Guernsey Coastguard received several calls reporting a man in the water in difficulty close to rocks in Saints Bay Harbour. Both lifeboats were paged and Police and Coastguard officers attended the scene. Police were able to lift the man out of the water however, he had sustained injuries to his head and was unable to walk back up the rocks. St Peter Port Inshore Lifeboat arrived on scene just before 5:30pm and crewmen assisted paramedics in transferring the casualty onto the Inshore Lifeboat by stretcher. The casualty was taken to the landing in Saints Harbour and safely carried up the steps to a waiting ambulance.

Whilst on route to the same incident, Guernsey Coastguard was alerted to a vessel broken down and drifting north from Herm Harbour. As the person in Saints Bay had been recovered ashore, St Peter Port Lifeboat was diverted to assist the drifting vessel. A tow was established and the vessel was towed safely back to St Peter Port arriving back on station just before 6:30pm.

Two shouts at the same time – AIS tracking by Digimap
The Inshore Lifeboat heading for the first shout – – photo by Dylan Ray
The lifeboat heading for the first shout before being diverted- photo by Dylan Ray