MV “Cristelle” Taking On Water

At 1017 on Sunday 21st July 2019, Guernsey Coastguard received a radio call from 38ft motor cruiser “Cristelle” reporting that she was taking on water. No further information was received therefore St Peter Port All Weather Lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” was immediately paged.

Commutation was reestablished with Cristelle and it was determined that she was approximately 7 miles north of Guernsey and had suffered flooding on her starboard engine which had been contained. She had 2 persons on board and was making her way back to Guernsey on a single-engine. With the lifeboat crew already assembled, “Spirit of Guernsey” was tasked to intercept Cristelle and to accompany her back to St Peter Port in the event that the situation deteriorated.

Cristelle safely arrived in St Peter Port shortly after 1300 and the lifeboat returned to station.

James Way Duty SAR Mission Coordinator

Motor Cruiser Maranello broken down/unsure of position

On 19th July 2019, the All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) ‘Spirit of Guernsey’ was launched at about 15:00 to assist the 23 foot motor cruiser Maranello with 2 persons on board.  The vessel had broken down approximately 3.8nm SE of the Lower Heads buoy at the southern end of the Little Russel on the East Coast of Guernsey and due to restricted visibility was unsure of her exact position.

Once located, the casualty vessel was taken in tow by the St Peter Port Lifeboat and both returned safely to harbour at about 16:00 where the vessel was handed over to Guernsey harbour marina staff.

The ALB was back on station at 16:08.

M Harris – Duty SAR Mission Coordinator

ILB’s first ‘shout’ to rescue a paraglider

Guernsey’s new lifeboat completed its first ‘shout’ to rescue a paraglider stranded on rocks at Pleinmont on 17th July 2019.
The new ILB was on scene 16 minutes after leaving the harbour and recovered both the casualty and another person on the scene. 
Chris Harvey, Lifeboat Operations Manager said ‘This is a great example of how capable the ILB is for this type of rescue. On a rapidly rising tide where every minute was crucial, the ILB was very quickly on scene and then able to get in amongst the rocks to rescue the casualties before transferring them to the bigger ALB. The ILB dramatically increases our ability to save lives in this situation.’

Motor Cruiser Pearl 6 with engine/fuel problem

The All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) was back in action at 17:50 on 17th July 2019, soon after dropping off an injured paraglider at St Peter Port. 

The “Spirit of Guernsey” went to the assistance of motor cruiser Pearl 6 who was experiencing fuel and engine problems with 2 people on board.  The casualty was taken in tow approximately 3 miles West of the Schole bank at 18:30.

The ALB arrived back at St Peter Port at 20:06, and passed on the casualty to the marina staff.

The ALB was back on station at 20:33.

Paraglider ditched off South Coast Guernsey

The new inshore lifeboat (ILB) was called out on her first “shout” at 16:25 on Wednesday 17th July 2019, when a report was received at The Joint Emergency Services Control Centre (JESCC) of a paraglider ditching at the base of cliffs at Mont Herault on the South coast of Guernsey.  The all-weather boat (ALB) was tasked soon after to support the inshore boat.

The ILB was on scene at 16:53 and after assessing the casualty and another person on scene, recovered and transferred both to the ALB.

Both the ILB and ALB arrived back at St Peter Port at 17:30, with the casualty being transferred to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital for treatment.

The ILB was back on station at 17:41, with the ALB being diverted to another vessel requiring assistance.

Vince Helmot, Duty SAR Mission Coordinator

photo by Carl Bisson
Spirit of Guernsey on 2 shouts. Tracking by Digimap

New RNLI inshore lifeboat declared on service at St Peter Port

Today (4 July 2019) at 9am, Guernsey welcomed a new RNLI inshore lifeboat to the harbour at St Peter Port.

The Elizabeth and Margaret Milligan B-class Atlantic lifeboat joins the all-weather boat in the harbour for a two-year trial period. The volunteer crew of thirteen (including four fully qualified helms) has been training on the boat for the last six months and took part in their final exercise last night before the boat was declared on service this morning.

With a large community of dedicated water users around the island and the summer season in full swing, the boat is likely to be tasked before too long.

Guernsey RNLI’s volunteer Lifeboat Operations Manager, Chris Harvey, said, “The crew have shown dedication and commitment in getting through their training so quickly and professionally. As volunteers, the demands on their time for them and their families is high, and even more so in the preparations for the new vessel. They are a credit to the station and I am grateful for their hard work.

Our Severn class all-weather boat, Spirit of Guernsey, is the largest boat in the RNLI fleet and is capable of operating in the worst conditions. However, having an Atlantic 85 as a fast response vessel with the ability to operate close inshore is a tremendous bonus. We look forward to the challenge of using the vessel to its best advantage during the two-year trial.”

He continued, “The weather has been fantastic for the past few days so as we head towards the weekend, we’d urge everyone on the island to take care in or by the water and to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard if they see anyone in trouble. Enjoy our wonderful beaches and coastline but always remember to respect the water.”

Guernsey’s Harbourmaster Captain David Barker said: “Guernsey Coastguard is delighted that the RNLI is providing a new Atlantic 85 inshore rescue vessel for use in Bailiwick waters. The new boat, named ‘Elizabeth and Margaret Milligan’, is designed for rapid response in coastal areas and can access shallower waters than our existing lifeboat. She carries an impressive array of equipment, including night vision aids, GPS and radar systems.

Over the last few months, RNLI volunteers have completed an intensive training programme in how to operate the new vessel, which will complement Guernsey’s existing Severn Class lifeboat, ‘Spirit of Guernsey’. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the RNLI and their volunteer crews for their vital service to our islands and those who use our waters.”