Bonita – 34 years ago – Gold Medal rescue

On Sunday 13 December 1981, the cargo ship Bonita hit a hurricane in the English Channel. It was the beginning of a week of courage and loss that will always be remembered by the RNLI. This film features interviews with the Guernsey lifeboat volunteers who went to the aid of the crew of the Bonita – and the ship’s Chief Engineer. An amazing 17min video.

Also – It’s quite rare to have such an authoritative and objective assessment made by one of those rescued.

Here is the report by John Aicher, of the ‘Bonita’ Gold Medal rescue of 13 December 1981. John has visited the Island several times since the event to meet and thank the crew. At the time he was Chief Engineer of Bonita and went on to become Assistant Director of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

Warning – it does contain quite graphic detail so don’t read it if you are squeamish!



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