St Peter Port ILB launched to assist vessel unsure of position

At 00:01 on Sunday 17th October 2021, the St Peter Port Inshore lifeboat (ILB) “Elizabeth & Margaret Milligan” was launched by Guernsey Coastguard, to the assistance of the 21ft open speed boat “Apache” that had left St Peter Port harbour the previous evening and had become lost.

The St Peter Port ILB arrived on scene approximately 1nm South-East of St Martins Point at 00:21 where they discovered the casualty vessel with two occupants on board who were both wearing wet clothing and suffering from the cold.

The lifeboat escorted “Apache” back to St Peter Port, where it was met by Coastguard and Harbour officers at 00:35 who then handed both casualties over to the St John’s Ambulance & Rescue Service for assessment.

The St Peter Port ILB returned to station at 00:36.

A Coastguard officer said “This incident was largely due to the crew taking their vessel to sea, in the dark after consuming alcohol throughout the day. The vessel was not appropriately equipped for returning to Jersey at night and had very limited safety equipment onboard”.

The officer re-iterated the Harbour Master’s “three P’s message” in that, all mariners should

  • Prepare their vessel and themselves for the intended trip to be undertaken
  • Provide the correct equipment onboard and
  • Perform responsibly on the water

St Peter Port Lifeboat Launched to Vessel in Distress

At 13:03 on Thursday 30th September 2021, a mayday call was received via VHF from a 19ft motorboat with 1 person on board who had encountered engine failure and was rapidly drifting towards Gate Rock in the Percee Passage. The wind on scene was South Westerly F6 and the sea state was Moderate to Rough. The casualty was able to drop anchor to prevent drifting further up the rocks.

The St Peter Port Lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” was launched on service, arriving on scene at 13:24. The Guernsey Ports Harbour Rib, Herm Seahorse and Isle of Herm ferry also responded to the Mayday, who were ready to offer assistance if required.

Due to the falling tide and location of the causality, the Lifeboat crew launched their “Y Boat” which was able to access the shallowing water where the stranded vessel was located and connect a tow line in order to safely recover the casualty to safe water. The Lifeboat then towed the vessel back to St Peter Port arriving back on station at 14:05. Fortunately, no one was injured, and the incident was resolved promptly and effectively.

Kieran Higgs – SAR Mission Coordinator
photos by Tony Rive

Pic by Tony Rive 30-09-2021
Pic by Tony Rive 30-09-2021
Pic by Tony Rive 30-09-2021

St Peter Port Lifeboats Launched to a Casualty at Le Jaonnet Bay

At 16:52 on Saturday 11th September 2021, Guernsey Coastguard was alerted to a person in difficulty who had fallen from the ladder at Le Jaonnet Bay onto rocks.

Paramedics attended the scene and reported the casualty had been injured during the fall and was unable to climb back up the ladder.

St Peter Port Inshore Lifeboat “Elizabeth and Margaret Milligan” and All-Weather Lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” were requested to assist and were launched on service at 17:31.

In the meantime, Paramedics assisted and comforted the casualty until the Inshore Lifeboat attended the scene, and was able to safely retrieve the casualty from the bay, before being transferred onto the All-Weather Lifeboat which then proceeded back to St Peter Port.

On return to St Peter Port Harbour, the casualty was placed in the care of St Johns Paramedics.

The Lifeboats were both back on station at 18:36.

photos by Tony Rive

Pic by Tony Rive 11-09-2021 Spirit of Guernsey picks up speed and heads back to St Peter Port harbour to be met by a waiting Ambulance.

St Peter Port Lifeboat Launched to Assist Diver

At 11:40am on Sunday 5th September 2021, Guernsey Coastguard received a call from a dive boat 3 miles east of Sark reporting that one of their divers had surfaced early, feet first and with air trapped in his suit. Whilst the diver was alert and breathing normally, there was concern about the possibility of decompression sickness.

St Peter Lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” launched on service at 12:10pm with paramedics on board and proceeded at speed to rendezvous with the dive boat. Arriving on scene at 12:28pm, the casualty was safely transferred to the Lifeboat and transported back to Guernsey arriving in St Peter Port at 12:45pm. The casualty was transferred by ambulance to the hyperbaric chamber at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital as a precaution.

All-Weather Lifeboat called to assist 23m motor cruiser

At 14:30 on Sunday 29th August 2021, Guernsey Coastguard received a VHF radio call from the 23-meter motor vessel “Juliette” which at the time was approximately 2.5nm south-south-west of the Hanois Lighthouse. The vessel indicated that it had fouled its Port propeller shaft and was tethered to the seabed by fishing gear.

A Pan-Pan radio call was broadcast by Guernsey Coastguard asking any vessel in the area for assistance however, there was no response to that call and at 14:47 the St Peter Port All-Weather Lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” was launched to go to the assistance of “Juliette”.

The “Spirit of Guernsey” arrived on scene at 15:25 and quickly cleared the fishing gear from “Juliette’s” Port propeller shaft. The casualty vessel was then escorted back into Petit Port on the South coast of Guernsey where Juliette’s crew carried out an inspection of the crafts propeller shafts and rudders.

Once the crew of the “Juliette” were content that there was no damage to their vessel the “Spirit of Guernsey was stood down and returned to St Peter Port where she was back on station by 17:09.

M/V “Juliette” continued her passage to Salcombe in the UK.

AIS tracking courtesy of digimap