Early call for relief lifeboat

The relief lifeboat “Daniel L Gibson” arrived in Guernsey yesterday and within 90 mins was called out for a medivac from Herm.

7th June 2014

1900 A call was received from St John`s Ambulance and Rescue Centre requesting the use of the Lifeboat to carry-out a Medivac for a casualty from Herm
1902 The relief lifeboat “Daniel L Gibson” was tasked to Herm to carry out the service.
1922 Lifeboat pier-heads, proceeding to Herm
1930 Lifeboat arrives in Herm — awaiting the casualty.
2032 Casualty onboard. Lifeboat returning to St Peter Port.
2041 Lifeboat back in St Peter Port. Casualty being transferred to Princess Elizabeth II Hospital.

Relief lifeboat Daniel L Gibson arriving in Guernsey from Poole - photo by Tony Rive


The lifeboat” Spirit of Guernsey” was launched at 00:21 on Saturday 31st May 2014, after a call was received by Guernsey Coastguard that the “Liberator” a 23’ Falcon Weekender with 3 adults and 1 eight year old child on board, had broken down 1 mile North of Sark.

The lifeboat was alongside the casualty at 00:42 and established a tow, arriving back at St Peter Port at 01:35.

Eau One

The St Peter Port Lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” was launched for the third time in a little over 24 hours after Guernsey Coastguard received a call from the wife of a pleasure boater, who had suffered a loss of all electrical and mechanical power.

The 7m Rib “Eau One” was drifting one mile off Petit Bot on the South coast, with 2 adults and 2 children onboard.

The Lifeboat reached the casualty at 12:05 on Saturday 31st May 2014, and towed the Eau One to St Peter Port, arriving safely back at 12:40.

Local fishing vessel Discovery

The St Peter Port Lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” was launched to assist the local fishing vessel Discovery, after it fouled it’s propeller in the shipping lanes approximately 28 miles North West of Platte Fougere lighthouse.

Guernsey Coastguard received the call at 09:47 on Friday 30th May 2014 and the lifeboat departed at 10:08, arriving alongside the casualty at 11:41.

A tow was established, and the lifeboat commenced the tow back at 11:46. Arriving back at St Peter Port at 15:15

Local fishing boat Discovery - Photo by Tony Rive


The St Peter Port Lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” was launched at 20:37 local time on Saturday 19th April 2014 to assist a 24ft yacht with three people on board, which had lost its rudder approximately 6 miles South of the Hanois Lighthouse.

The Spirit of Guernsey reached the casualty at 21:04, and commenced towing the vessel to St Peter Port.

The Lifeboat and casualty arrived safely at St Peter Port at 22:46, with the Spirit of Guernsey back on station at 23:11

Popgun entering Victoria Marina after being towed by the St Peter Port lifeboat. Picture by Tony Rive

“Spirit of Guernsey” launched to search for a possible missing Kayaker

1510 A call was received from the local fishing boat, ”Genesis”, 200 metres out from Saints Bay ,that they had just located an up turned Fishing Kayak, it appeared that the kayak had been in the water for a short time. As there was no one with the kayak, an immediate search was commenced for a possible missing kayaker.

1515 Lifeboat Red

1527 Lifeboat pier-heads… proceeding to saints Bay area. St John`s Ambulance and Rescue Boat along with the Crossma Helicopter tasked to the area, Police and Marina Staff starting a shore search.

1542 Lifeboat on scene liaising with “Genesis”

1546 A call was received from the Police advising Guernsey Coastguard that the kayaker had managed to swim ashore and was safely at home. Once Guernsey Coastguard had confirmed this information all units were stood down.

1555 “Spirit of Guernsey “returning to St Peter Port.

1633 Lifeboat refuelled and back on station

The empty kayak being brought back to St Peter Port - photo by Tony Rive