Swamped boat and missing people off Sark

2046 A call was received by mobile phone to Guernsey Coastguard, from two persons, sat on rocks, at the northern extremity of Sark ,( Beq Du Nez). They informed the Coastguard that their boat had been swamped, and that they had managed to swim to the rocks, but two other persons were unaccounted for.

This information initiated a substantial search.

2108 The “Spirit of Guernsey”, “Flying Christine III” and “Air Search One” were all tasked to search an area around the north of Sark.

It was known that the two persons on the rocks were OK, so the priority was given to search for the two missing persons still unaccounted for.

2135 A call was receive from Brecqhou that they could hear voices at the bottom of the cliff, below Jacobs Landing on the north east coast .Very fortunately, these were the two other people from the swamped boat. They were picked up by a Sark rib and taken to the “Flying Christine” and Lifeboat respectively. The woman`s medical condition worsened, resulting in the “Flying Christine “ being rushed back to St Peter Port, for further Medical attention.

The two casualties on the rocks, north Sark, were assisted by the Sark Fire brigade and the Sark Doctor gave them a clean bill of health, they remained in Sark.

The Search and Rescue service in Guernsey is very grateful for all their assistance given by all crews to bring this search to a successful conclusion as it could have very easily ended with tragic consequences.

Spirit of Guernsey backs away to let Flying Christine III refuel - photo by Tony Rive

2 call outs during a foggy evening


At 2017hrs on Tuesday 3rd September 2013, Guernsey Coastguard received a Pan call from the local boat “Tahini” requesting assistance as he was lost in the fog returning from Herm.

The Life Boat had just returned from exercise and was launched to assist in finding the casualty; the Lifeboat departed at 2020hrs and found the “Tahini” off the Lower Heads at 2035hrs escorting them back to St Peter Port Harbour arriving at 2057hrs.


At 2220hrs on Tuesday 3rd September 2013 Guernsey Coastguard received a call reference the local Rib “Stingher” overdue from a trip back from Herm with one person onboard.

The Lifeboat launched at 2320 making a search around Herm & Jethou, at 0221 this morning the Lifeboat found “Stingher” upturned on the Aiguillons Rock (approximately 1/2nm SW of Jethou) with the skipper next to the Rib.

The Lifeboat rescued the skipper then returned to St Peter Port Harbour transferring the casualty to St John’s Ambulance and Rescue Service at 0240.

Assistance to “Petit Mel” and “Lbigniew Bounski”

At 1512 Guernsey Coastguard received a call from the fishing vessel “Petit Mel” (requesting immediate assistance) taking water with three crew onboard in a position approximately 4nm Northeast of Sark.
The “Sark Venture” and “Margaret K” arrived on scene first and stood by the “Petit Mel” until the Life Boat arrived at 1556 with salvage pumps.

The Lifeboat departed St Peter Port at 1529 and found the “Petit Mel” at 1556, after transferring a salvage pump on board the casualty the Lifeboat then towed the vessel back to St Peter Port harbour arriving at 1755.

At 2215 this evening Guernsey Coastguard received a call for assistance from the Polish yacht “Lbigniew Bounski” tangled in fishing gear approximately 6nm South of Guernsey with 8 crew on board.

The Lifeboat departed St Peter Port at 2250 and found the “Lbigniew Bounski” at 2320 anchored to the sea bed with fishing gear, the Lifeboat cut the yacht free then towed the casualty back to St Peter Port harbour arriving approximately 0100 Sunday morning.

45′ Barnabas

At 19:24 local time, Guernsey Coastguard received a call from the French Rescue Centre, X-Mar of a vessel becalmed with mechanical and electrical problems 40 miles west of Guernsey.

As no other vessel was able to assist, the St Peter Port Lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” was launched at 20:30 to tow the forty five foot Barnabas with eight crew to Guernsey.

The lifeboat was on scene at 22:40 and back in St Port with the casualty at 04:27.

Assistance to “Balmee” disabled 12m French Yacht


A call was received by Guernsey Coastguard from Crosma Joburg requesting assistance for the yacht “ Balmee” that had managed to become entangled with a pot marker and was unable to proceed.

As there was no other vessel in the area to assist the disabled yacht; the “Spirit of Guernsey “was launched to go to the yacht`s assistance.

1230 Lifeboat Yellow
1248 Lifeboat Pierheads
1410 Lifeboat alongside casualty.
1436 Tow established, returning to St Peter Port.
1615 ”Spirit of Guernsey” and tow expected back into St Peter Port

The yacht was 7nm SE of Sark.

Man Overboard

At about 00:45 this morning the French yacht Jouvente, having just arrived in St Peter Port advised the duty Marina staff that they had a man in the water. When questioned further it transpired that this had not just occurred but had in fact occurred at around 21:00 on Saturday, off the Hanois Lighthouse. The lifeboat crew were immediately paged and the Channel Island Air Search crew soon after. The lifeboat departed St Peter Port at 01:10 and Channel Island Air Search took off shortly afterwards. At 04:12 the Channel Island Air Search aircraft was stood down and a resumption of searching by the a/c arranged for 0600. At 05:20 the Ambulance and Rescue Service Inshore rescue boats were requested. They were tasked with searching the inshore waters of Rocquaine Bay and Lihou Island and later up as far as Richmond corner and the outlying rocks. They were stood down at 09:35

A substantial area South and South West of the Island were searched based on the information given by the crew of the vessel in addition the Big Russel and Little Russel were both also searched, unfortunately to no avail. At half past nine the lifeboat returned to St Peter Port to refuel and at that time it was decided to suspend the search until the time of the incident and any other relevant information could be better determined. The Channel Island Air Search aircraft returned to the airport for fuel and crew change at 09:45 and the crew were also advised that the search had been suspended.

At 12:55 as a result of further information Channel Island Air Search took off and searched an area between Boue Blondel of the West coast of Guernsey and the SW Bank of the Casquets, again nothing was found, the aircraft returned to Guernsey at 15:38. There being no further information and with the weather deteriorating the operation was terminated at 18:00.

French Yacht Jouvente - Picture by Tony Rive