“Daniel L. Gibson” called to assist 5.5m Jersey, Ski-boat

On Friday 12th September at 1952, a call was received by Guernsey Coastguard from the Sark Harbour Master’s rib that they were out searching for a Jersey registered 5.5m Ski boat that had contacted the Sark Authorities stating they had broken down just east of Sark. The vessel the Sark crew were looking for had set off from Jersey at 1300. The Jersey vessel had no flares, no radio, and no navigation equipment and was unable to confirm their position. The only method of communication was by mobile phone.

The Ski-boat was eventually locate out by the Blanchard Buoy, located two miles East of Sark. The Harbour Maste’s Rib attempted to tow the vessel to the safety of Sark but due to the very strong currents and weather conditions was unable to proceed.

In this deteriorating situation – the decision was made to send the Lifeboat, to assist the vessels.

2034 Lifeboat Red
2052 Lifeboat pierheads proceeding to the casualty.
2125 Lifeboat on scene, a tow was being established.
2134 Lifeboat returning to St Peter Port, two casualties on board, Ski-vessel under tow.
2210 Lifeboat arrives at the pierheads.
2245 Lifeboat refuelled and back on station

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