Former Sir William Arnold for sale

We thought it would be of interest to post that the Samuel J, former Sir William Arnold, ex RNLI lifeboat Arun 52-02 is for sale in case anyone locally is interested. This is not an official RNLI post as the boat is no longer owned by the RNLI.

Together with the former Caister lifeboat, a lochin 38-01, they are both available to any individual, or group of people who have a passion for Ex lifeboats. 

The Samuel J was one of the RNLI’s prototype Arun 52, and was the first RNLI designed and built lifeboats.  It was the first high speed lifeboat (achieved 19.5 kts during sea trials), was the first to have the sunken side decks, has a unique wheelhouse and cabin arrangement, had the hull shape that became the Arun class standard, considered by many older lifeboat crews to be the best seakeeping hull the RNLI ever made.

The Lochin 38-01, was never connected with the RNLI, but was built by Goodchild’s, a well know boat builder in Great Yarmouth, specifically for the Caister independent lifeboat station, which was an independent lifeboat station at that time.

Both boats are available for a total of £100,000.  However, they can be sold independently, and realist offers for either will be considered.

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