Guernsey Lifeboat Supporters Association

The Guernsey Lifeboat Supporters Association was formed in 2004 as part of the reorganisation of the local branch of the RNLI. Its purpose is to promote awareness within the Island of “Spirit of Guernsey” and the activities of the local Lifeboat branch. The Association also undertakes major fund raising initiatives to compliment the work of the Guild.

Train One, Save Many

The latest initiative was based on the “Train One, Save Many” crew training campaign which was launched nationwide.

The national target, was to raise £10m in five years.

Under the Chairmanship of Edward Fattorini, the Guernsey Association agreed to try to raise £100,000 as Guernsey’s contribution, under the “aegis” of the Association.

Amazingly, and thanks to the members and supporters, this was achieved in two years and the RNLI have now achieved their £10m target. We can be proud of Guernsey’s contribution.

Our grateful thanks go to those individuals and companies who have given so generously, and to all those clubs, school children and other organisations who have arranged fund-raising activities during the year.

Important Information

It costs an average of £1,000 a year to train and keep trained each volunteer crew member, and this equates to an average of £20,000 for each lifeboat station (Guernsey has 19 crew who can be called upon).

The RNLI has over 330 lifeboats at its stations.

This fleet enables the service to reach at least 90% of casualties within 10 nautical miles of launch within 30 minutes in all weathers.

We are fortunate in Guernsey that the majority of our volunteer crew have a professional maritime background. At some other stations, only one in ten volunteers join the RNLI with maritime experience.


Edward Fattorini, Chairman Guernsey Lifeboat Supporters Association.