Sir William Arnold

The Arun class lifeboat is the second largest lifeboat in the Royal National Lifeboat Institution all-weather fleet. They take their name from the River Arun in Sussex.

The first three were built of wood, but apart from one other, the remainder were built of fibreglass. One was built of steel. It was regarded as the best of the class. The Arun class is used by Icelandic rescue teams as well.

After 20 years service these boats are being replaced by the Trent, Severn and Tamar class lifeboats.

Brian Green’s great picture of the Sir William Arnold in action

The Sir William Arnold is new based in Cork and is called the “Samuel J”

The new owner, John O’Regan says

I bought her in 2005 and we only love her. Did quite a major conversion inside and summertime used her practically every weekend. Up down the coast here to place like Kinsale, Ballycotton where RNLI lads and lassies there only love to see us, they had an Arun years ago and love going for a burn in our one.

I keep her at East Ferry, Cobh, Cork Harbour Some youtube and Picassa album links of trip we did to Scotland in 2007 Also have attached some photos , which you more than welcome to use. A few too of a model of her we got made.

Some links as she is now :