DateCasualtyNameService performedSavedLandedLifeboat/ONComments
05 Jul 2019Missing PersonUnknownStood ByB-889ILB First callout – Missing Person, found safe ashore by others.
17 Jul 2019ParagliderPersonSearch and Recovery2B-889Injured paraglider at base of cliff. Also collected one other.
25 Jul 2019AssistanceSwimmerNSR B-889Swimmer in difficulty near Lihou. Assisted by fishing boat nearby. Stood down
13 Sep 2019YachtSecond WindEscorted2B-889Seasick, unable to make progress due to fouled sails. Boarded and escorted to St. Peter Port.
24 Nov 2019AssistanceStranded personRescue 1B-889Stranded on rocks near Fort Doyle, near darkness. Rescued and taken to St. Peter Port.
28 Nov 2019FishingAsile SurRescueB-889Fishing boat reported missing. Sank, survivor swam to rocks, Several hours later, Search included HM Helicopter R175 which found and recovered the casualty
09 Feb 2020AssistanceMissing personSearch and RecoveryB-889Recovered a body in Havelet Bay.
01 Mar 2020Missing PersonMissing personSearchB-870??
01 Mar 2020Missing PersonMissing personSearchB-870??
14 Mar 2020Missing PersonMissing personSearchB-870Trousers found ashore, believed person in water, false alarm.
10 Apr 2020AssistanceStranded PersonRescue1B-870Person stranded on rocks, Bellgreve Bay. Safely landed ashore.
07 May 2020AssistanceStranded PersonNSRB-870Person stranded on rocks, Grande Havre, rescued by a Kayaker.
12 May 2020Missing PersonMissing personSearchB-870Person reported missing near Bathing Pools. Made their own way to safety.
19 May 2020AssistanceStranded PersonSearch and assistB-870Person trapped on cliffs at Jerbourg. ILB crew assisted to safety.
20 Jun 2020AssistanceMan in waterAssisted1B-870Man recovered from water by police, unable to extract from location, transferred to ILB then lifeboat thence to shore and ambulance.
06 Jul 2020SwimmersIn difficultyStood By B-870Two swimmers in difficulty at Vazon. Assisted by others. Stood down.
23 Jul 2020Missing PersonMissing personSearch B-870Search called off, found safe ashore.
30 Jul 2020AssistancePerson in waterSearch and Recovery1B-870Person reported swimming well out to sea near Bordeaux. Recovered to safety.
09 Aug 2020AssistanceCliff rescueRecovery1B-870Person injured on cliff near Le Gouffre. Assisted Cliff Rescue in recovering casualty by sea.
18 Aug 2020AssistanceDiver?Search B-870Little Russel, diver surface marker buoy reported drifting in the tide, ILB launched to locate and investigate, confirmed as red flags on a fishing marker float.
28 Aug 2020Diver Search 1B-870Diver reported overdue near Herm. Searched, Taken to Herm harbour
01 Sep 2020AssistanceStrandedRecovery 2B-870Two teenagers stranded on Lihou. Brought to Guernsey
05 Sep 2020Missing PersonsKayakSearch B-870Kayak found adrift, persons believed missing. Search with CIAS. Reported safe and well. Kayak had slipped its mooring.
09 Sep 2020Missing PersonUnknownSearchB-870Coastal search assisting Police. Person found safe ashore.
26 Nov 2020Missing PersonMissing personSearch B-870Assisted Police with search for missing person near Icart. Found ashore.
07 Jan 2021Missing PersonMissing personSearch B-870Assisted Police with search for missing person near Fermain. Found safe ashore.
16 Mar 2021AssistanceCliff rescueRecovery 1B-870Assisted in recovery of person on cliffs at Icart.
29 Apr 2021Person in waterUnknownRecovery2B-870Report of person in water at Cows Horn. Body recovered by ILB, transferred to ALB.
01 May 2021Missing PersonMissing personSearch B-870Coastal search for missing person, found inland.
13 Jul 2021Persons in waterUnknownRecovery 2B-870Reported clinging to a buoy outside Bordeaux Harbour, assisted by third party. Landed by ILB.
19 Jul 2021Persons in waterKayakNSR B-870Two kayakers overboard near Vazon. Assisted from ashore.
23 Jul 2021AssistanceStrandedNSR B-870Persons reported stranded at Icart. False alarm but with good intent.
09 Aug 2021AssistanceStrandedNSR B-870Person reported stranded at Cobo. Saved by other swimmers. Stood down before arrival on scene.
14 Aug 2021AssistanceKayaksRecovery ?B-870Kayakers in water near Petit Bot. Multi agency response. Transferred to ALB.
06 Sep 2021Missing PersonMissing personSearch B-870Request to assist police with search for missing person near Pembroke. Found safe ashore shortly after launch. Stood down.
11 Sep 2021AssistancePersonMedivac 1B-870Transferred casualty with broken ankle from ILB at Le Jaonnet Bay. Transferred to St. Peter Port then on to hospital.