Kayak Found Drifting in L’Eree Bay

At 10:51 this morning (Saturday 5th September 2020), Guernsey Coastguard received reports of an orange Kayak seen drifting in L’Eree Bay on the south-west coast of Guernsey.

A Coastguard officer attended at the scene and assisted another Kayaker in recovering the Kayak to the shore where it was inspected for any identifying marks however, none were found.

A social media appeal brought forward a witness who said they had seen a male and two children paddling an orange Kayak at about 08:30 this morning.

Because of this information and with the potential for persons being in the water, the St Peter Port All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) ‘Spirit of Guernsey’ and the Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) ‘John & Louisa Fisher’, were both launched at 11:42, to investigate further.

At 12:19 more information was received during investigations made by JESCC staff, and it was decided to also launch the Channel Islands Airsearch aircraft, ‘Airsearch 1’.

The Lifeboats arrived on scene at about 12:20 and commenced a thorough search of the area.

At 12:50 more information was received indicating that the owner of the Kayak had been located with his two sons who were all taking part in a race at the Rocquaine Regatta and that the Kayak had broken free from its mooring in L’Eree Bay.

With all persons located safe and well the lifeboats and Airsearch 1 were stood down at 13:00.

A spokesman for Guernsey Coastguard said “This incident highlights the importance of marking any marine sports equipment with the owners contact details. This incident could have been resolved much sooner if the Kayak had been marked either with an indelible marker or with one of Guernsey Coastguards ‘Water Based Activity’ stickers available from several local water based, sporting equipment suppliers”.

photo by Dylan Ray
photo by Dylan Ray
Pic by Tony Rive 05-09-2020 ALB Spirit of Guernsey returning to St Peter Port following a Shout to L’Eree Bay
Pic by Tony Rive 05-09-2020 Spirit of Guernsey arriving back at St Peter Port Harbour after circumnavigating the island of Guernsey clockwise following a search at Rocquaine/L’Eree Bay on the Island’s west coast.

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