Mayday – Sailing vessel ‘Allura’

At 07:40am on Sunday 28th April 2019, Guernsey Coastguard received a MAYDAY distress call from the 42-foot sailing vessel Allura, with five persons on-board.
The message stated that the Allura had run aground on rocks just outside of Beaucette marina on the North coast of Guernsey and that the crew considered themselves to be in imminent danger.
The St Peter Port Lifeboat the ‘RNLB Spirit of Guernsey’ was launched at 08:04 and was on scene with the casualty vessel by 08:13.
After initial assessments were conducted as to the condition of the crew and vessel it was decided to tow the Allura clear of the rocks and back to St Peter Port harbour.
Both vessels arrived safely back into harbour at 08:43 and the St Peter Port Lifeboat was back on Station at 08:48.

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