Serving Boat Officers

The official RNLI records of serving boat officers go back to 1898, but these records are sadly incomplete.

Centralised recording the names of volunteer crew members, other than in local files, only goes back into the late 1960s or early ’70s. The information, records and files available in Guernsey are also incomplete but go back to 1865. A search through copies of Returns of Service books and minutes of committee meetings have revealed the following names of persons who have manned the Guernsey lifeboat, and their dates of service or involvement. It is possible that some names are duplicates. The carbon copies of Service Returns are now deteriorating, some are unreadable, as is the handwriting of some of the reporters, which has certainly not improved over the years.

The Comments column contains only the briefest supplementary notes, and should not indicate or imply that further information is unavailable, though of course, that may indeed be the case. Whilst the content is believed correct and every reasonable effort has been taken to ensure accuracy, no guarantee or responsibility for its accuracy is accepted or implied. Should any person be able to correct or amplify any of the information provided in good faith, it will gladly be updated.

Note. ‘Mention In/From’ denotes a known reference only in that year. ‘From’ and ‘To’ indicates a known minimum range of dates.

Last updated 24 April 2021

With thanks to Peter Gill who compiled this list

CrewFrom or InToRankOther
???? , Louis1916First name only, but not Louis Bourke.
Alder, John1981CurrentHarbour Diver. Carried in absence of sufficient regular crew. (Uncle of Robert)
Alder, Robert1995Navigator/crewQJM. Diver, Electronics Engineer.
Audoire, L19481951Spare MechanicBoat maintenance, mechanic, lived at Bordeaux.
Beauchamp, J1895
Beauchamp, W1895A Boatbuilder.
Bell, Kenneth Edwin19291948Born 1897, Sapper Ex Royal Engineers
Berryman, Chas1897
Berryman, F1895
Berryman, W1898
Besnard, Paul (Dimmo). 1980Carried in absence of sufficient regular crew. Harbour staff.
Bewley?, G1960Crew
Bichard, A.G.19121916Second Crew
Bichard, J18951898
Birch, J1898
Bisson, Carl Peter1995CurrentSecond mechanic 06, Station Mechanic 09.QJM. Son of Peter.
Bisson, Henry19491963Carried to act as Ship's Pilot for Casualty.To Charlotte Schroeder of Hamburg and Gold medal Service to Johann Collett. Pilot.
Bisson, Peter John MBE198019962nd Cox from 1984, Cox from 86Bronze Medal, Bonita, Silver Medal, Sena Sioria. MBE 1996 Bronze Medal Serv.cert. Matam II. Father of Carl. Died 10 April 2011, aged 69.
Blake, Daniel2005CurrentDeputy second cox from 2013Builder.
Blanchard, Pierre2016currentStates workboat 'Sarnia' crew.
Borthwick, R1966?Believed to be RNLI Staff. 24/7/66 only.
Bougourd, John18651879
Bougourd, John Philip. BEM.19802007Dep cox 1984, Cox from 1996, LS Badge 2001, Bronze Medal, Bonita QJM, Vellum. Carpenter. Sark Ferry Skipper.
Bougourd, Nick19801981CrewOfferd the Cox's position,declined. Skipper of States workboat 'Sarnia'
Bougourd, Peter N19591986Cox from 84Bronze Medal, Bonita, vellum. Fisherman, later States Deputy.
Bourgaize, Ronald C.19531957MechanicEmigrated to Canada.
Bourke, Louis J19161929Sometime between 1912 and 1916 (Age 33)
Brache, - 18611865
Brache, Adrian James19922019Navigator/crewQJM. Fisherman.
Brouard L.H.1948
Carre, Dave19601969SignalmanDied at work in Signal Station.
Carre, Stuart2017currentCrew, ILB Mechanic
Clarke, Don1988 offered to be mechanic.
Cole, Richard William19281936CrewWorked Brecqhou and Herm boats with Bert Petit. Stevedore with Loveridge Bros. Lived at Lower Hauteville, died age 62.
Collings, J1898
Cook, Gary Howard19871996Vellum
Coombes, John19151930Cox from 1916Sometime between 1912 and 1915, Age 49
Crews, W William?1939Shore Signalman
Day H.E1948
Damarell, Fred18971898
De Carteret, Clifford19161923Acting Cox, Shore SignalmanSometime between 1912 and 1916
De Carteret, F1929Second Cox
De Carteret, Stephen19161918Sometime between 1912 and 1916
De Carteret, Thos1897Fund collection for his widow. (1906)
De Carteret, V19501954Reserve crew.
De La Mare, George19121916
De Mouilpied, Lloyd19661987Deputy CoxVellum 'Orion'. Harbour Boatman.
Dodsworth, Robert19871992Harbour maintenance staff.
Dorey, E1949
Dorey, Peter19561969On EK.
Down, Morris1959Was this Maurice Downs?Fisherman (De Imp)
Dredge, -1895
Drillot, George 19121916Sometime between 1912 and 1916
Drillot, Thos1897
Dumont, Lee2005CurrentCrew
Dunstan, Gerald19401948Originally RNLI staff mechanic, Relief Mechanic.Assistant Mechanic/second engineer.Inadvertently stuck on Guernsey at outbreak of WW2. Worked at Moitie's (Later Hainsworth's,Now Boatworks+) Injured in "Tomato raid" of 1940.
Duquemin, Thos1897
Eker, Graham (Squeaker)19791980Greek Silver medal. Diver.
Enevoldsen, Arthur19231930
Enevoldsen, Otto Bertram19241929Ex MN. Awarded MMWM. Harbour Staff and Fisherman. Last survivor of the Guernsey pulling lifeboat crew.
Falla, George1916Second CoxSometime between 1912 and 1916 (Age 47)
Falla, J1895
Farr, Clifford Thomas?19291939Born 1885, Ex MN AB. Awarded the MMWM.
Ferguson, George1916Salerie Fisherman.
Ferguson, H (Harry?)1898Salerie Fisherman.
Ferguson, R1898
Gallie, Elias1918Sometime between 1912 and 1916 (Age 42)
Gallienne, J John?1959? Worked in fridges office in slaughter house
Galpin, W1918
Galsworthy, Linden2005CurrentCrewMarina Attendant/foreman
Gillman, John N19111916Cox from 1912Master of steam tug Assistance, Certified Pilot.(Sometimes Gilman)
Girard, Douglas?1916Fisherman. Son lives by Prosperity Memorial.
Gurney, William John Tonbridge (Bill)19301948Bowman and Second CoxLived in the High St. Ex RN signaller. Sometimes written as Gourney
Guille, Michael John19751998Drowned 5 Oct 98? Vellum
Guppy, K.S.1948Chief Mechanic
Hamon, Arthur1961Father of Richard Hamon.
Hamon, Daniel19972014Second mechanicSon of R.R (Snowy) Hamon
Hamon, Lacey James19451961R/T Operator, Shore sigalmanHarbour Attendant.
Hamon, Richard James19782004Crew, Emergency mechanicBronze Medal, Bonita QJM Painter/Blaster
Hamon, Robert Edwin19872004Vellum Oct 94 QJM
Hamon, Robert Ramsey (Snowy)19772004Second Cox.QJM, MBE. Greek Silver Medal. Bronze Medal Service Cert.Vellum x 3. Father of Daniel. Polymath.
Harris, Michael2005CurrentCrew, Emergency mechanicEx RN, Sea Fisheries and Asst Harbourmaster.
Harris, P1966? Reserve crew.One record only. To Icart Bay 24/07/1966
Harvey, Christian20112016crewLifeboat Operations Manager from 2019
Harvey, H1923
Harvey, W1924Not William Harvey dismissed in 1916
Harvey, William19161916Second CoxDismissed from the position.
Helmot, Vincent Roger199220202nd. Cox 2007 to 2014.QJM, Vellum, Sena Sioria. Fisherman, Diver, Port Signals Officer Asst harbourmaster. Retirement criteria changed, returned to crew.
Hobbs, Alec1940BowmanSon of Fred. Brother of Harold.
Hobbs, Frederick Charles19231944Coxswain 1930Born 1885. Brother of Bill. Father of Alec and Harold. Appointed Cox 1930.Ex MN, awarded MMWM. Lived in Cornet Street.
Hobbs, Harold19351940CrewSon of Fred. Brother of Alec. Killed on service by German Aircraft fire off Noirmont Point Jersey, 28 June 1940.
Hobbs, William (Bill)19231948Acting CoxBrother of Fred.
Hobbs, William Henry18971898Quarryman, then fisherman then Pilot. Herm Boatman."Mermaid". Lived in Cornet Street. Died May 1923.
Hodder, John19631966Mechanic.RNLI staff retired to Guernsey.
Jehan, H1923
Jehan, W1924
Jones, B (Bernard?)19491968Reserve CrewSark seneschal?
Kitts, Mervyn19501969Reserve MechanicRuette Braye garage. Later States Deputy.
Langlois, M18791880
Le Cornu, T19181924Shore Signalman
Le Feuvre, T19381939Lived at South Esplanade.
Le Feuvre, W1930
Le Lievre, H19491956Reserve then First Mechanic
Le Messurier, James1995No 21 on crew numbered list of 14 Nov 1995.
Le Noury, Vincent2007CurrentCrewSon in Law of Peter Bisson.
Le Page, Art.1962Bowman, With Hubert Petit. Fisherman
Le Page, Frank19481969Acting Cox, 2nd Crew Cox.
Le Page, J19451969Crew, Bowman.Boat "Wonder"
Le Page, John W1985Vellum
Le Page, L1948Res. Mechanic
Le Patourel, John 19161918Sometime between 1912 and 1916 (Age 43)
Le Poidevin, (L?) G19231924
Le Poidevin, P1948Taken on 'Bounty' with Cox to assist. 16/5/48.
Le Prevost, Andrew Michael19871998?Vellum, No 14 in 1995.
Le Tissier, John Graham1995CurrentNavigator/crewQJM. Marina Attendant, Port Signals Officer.
Legg, Art1950Fisherman? Sark Ferry crew.
Legg, George 18801890Cox
Legg, George 1897Is this the same man as 1880-1890?
Leggett, C19231924
Lucas, A1906
Luscombe, David19111915Second CoxWas offered the position as Cox but did not accept it.
Macdonald, H1898
Mahy, C?G?1961
Mantel F.1959Mechanic
Marquand, H.E. 19481952Spare Hand (Station Chairman's son)Carried in absence of sufficient regular crew.
Marquis, J1898
Martel, Alan19801988Asst MechanicBronze Medal, Bonita, Vellum
Martel, Frank19451982R/T Operator and acting Mechanic
Martel, Keith Emile19822014Asst.mechanic, Emergency mechanic.QJM, Vellum. Could not join till father (Reuben) retired. Port Signalman
Martel, Philip James19861999CrewVellum
Martel, Reuben19591982Vellum. Father of Keith.
Masterman, Daniel2011CurrentCrewIsle of Sark Shipping skipper
Mauger, H19231924
Mauger, J19231924
Mauger, Peter19491969Spare crew.
Mauger, W (Walter?)1924
Mauger, William T18951912Cox from 1903
McLeod, A1981mechanicThought to be RNLI Staff. Definitely not local.
Mitchell, James19161918
Mitchell, John18971898
Mitchell, William1918Sometime between 1912 and 1916
Moore, John1918Sometime between 1912 and 1916
Morris, H19451948Relief Engineer, 3rd Mechanic
Munson, Ronnie19571978Herm Ferryman. Replaced on crew by Richard Hamon.
Napper, James18971898
Newton, John1949Son of Bonny Newton.
Newton P.H.19641967Reserve crew
Nicholls, J19481966Reserve CrewRetired due ill health.
Nichols, K?1959
Nicolle, -1895
Nicolle R.1948
Niles, - 196122513Dick or Tony???
Norman, Jason1997CurrentCrew, 3rd Cox 2007, 2nd cox 2013QJM. P/T Port Signals officer.
Noyon, B.1935Asst. Motor Mechanic.One record only. 9 Nov 1935.
Noyon, Bill1939Pilot
Oliver J.G.19491953
Ogier, Adrian200520172013 Deputy2nd Coxswain.P/T Port Signals Officer. Boat salesman.
Ogier, Alfred William (Bill)19571969Second CoxJohann Collett.
Osborne, Frederick.1932B 1882 Ex RN Stoker 1st Class. One mention only. "Capri" 22 Sept 1932.
Ozanne, Steve1995No 18 From numbered list of 14 November 1995.
Parsons, Jn1895
Pattimore, Eric19481980Signals, Mechanic from 1957Bronze Medal, Greek Silver Medal. Vellum
Paul, F1929
Pearce, -1918
Petit, Brian1950Reserve Crew
Petit, Hubert19481964CoxswainGold medal. Father of John.
Petit, John MBE19521980Coxswain from 1964Silver medal. 4 BronzeMedals. Greek Gold Medal. Later Harbour Master. Died 13 April 2011 aged 83. Son of Hubert.
Pugh, H19231924
Quinain, Harry.W.19461948Acting Second CoxLater Alderney Pilot
Quinain, Jack19461948Acting CoxLater Alderney Pilot
Reynolds, Henry19161918BowmanSometime between 1912 and 1916
Rich, Fred18901903CoxLived at La Salerie. Credited with the first rescue by a Guernsey Lifeboat. Died suddenly, Oct 10th 1903
Rich, Henry19061918Shore Signalman
Robilliard, -1895
Robilliard, John (Chick)19651988Reserve MechanicBronze Medal, Greek Silver Medal. Died Jan 07. Boarding boat dedicated in his memory.
Rouswall, Thos.1897
Rowe, Stuart20002007crew
Sauvary, R.J.1959Poss John. Harbour staff
Savident, Wilf194819692nd. CoxswainKnown as the 'West coast' Cox. Died 27/9/2010, age 94. Fisherman.
Scales, Michael (Bones)19781984Coxswain from 1981Gold medal, Bonita, Vellum. Jethou boatman. Father of Stephen,
Scales, Stephen2011CurrentCrewSon of Michael
Scrimshaw, Michael19992003CrewFisherman, Brecqhou crew.
Seabrook, Martyn.19761989?CrewHarbour Maintenance.
Sharman, K19581961Reserve mechanic
Shenton D19631965Reserve Mechanic
Shields, E19481951Radio Operator
Simon, H1918
Simon, J1895
Stevens, Arthur (Alec)19291953Station MechanicMotor Mechanic, Lived in Colborne Road.
Tanner, R19451946Carried in absence of sufficient regular crew.
Thoume, Garry Roscow19922006Asst Mechanic, P/T MechanicQJM. Ex RN PO. Marine engineer.
Trustum, John1959Not regular crew. Taken 'Off the quay'.
Tucker, Stuart2007CurrentCrewElectrician.
Tullier, Shaun20152017CrewElectrician.
Vaudin, Chris2017CurrentCrewIsle of Sark Shipping skipper
Vowles, R (Bob)19601988Bronze Medal, Bonita, Greek Bronze Medal, Vellum.
Wallbridge, James Jnr1918Sometime between 1912 and 1916
Wallbridge, James Snr1918Sometime between 1912 and 1916
Way, Ivan1948Reserve MechanicHarbour Maintenance Bosun. Died 2015.
Webster, John19771998Acting 2nd CoxBronze Medal, Bonita. Vellum. Later Committee member.
Welbourne, David20052016CrewPort Signals Officer. Paramedic Trainer.
White, Anthony Charles (Buz) MBE1982CurrentCox from 2007MBE, QJM. Surveyor and Boat Charter.
Wilcox, Charlie1966?One record only. To Icart Bay 24/07/1966
Williams, Robbie1981Harbour Staff.
Witterich, H19231924
Wood, Tom20172020CrewEx Army.
Youlton, James Peter19862011Station Mechanic to 09.QJM, Vellums for 'Sena Sioria' and 'Keranne'. Marine Maintenance Engineer.
Zabiela, -1895
Zabiela, Albie19121916Second CrewSometime between 1912 and 1916 ( mentioned in 1938) Fireman, lived in Cornet Street. Brother of Fred Senior
Zabiela, Freddie W (Jnr).19401948(Lady June, Cecelia)
Zabiela, Fred.H (Snr)19151948Coxswain from 45Sometime between 1912 and 1916 (age 25). Brother of Albie. Lived in Park Lane.
Zabiela, L V1945SpareDied in the Army.
Zabiela, R (Bobby) W (or W.R)19451950Bowman, spare hand, crew.Docker, crewed the liberty boat. (Somtimes also called William)