Shooting Star

Air Search 1 and the St Peter Port Lifeboat were called out this evening to search for a Jersey registered vessel “Shooting Star” which had left Sark earlier in the afternoon.  Jersey Coastguard had picked up the spoken word Mayday, but had difficulty establishing VHF communications with the vessel.  At 20:09 Jersey contacted Guernsey Coastguard and advised them that they had made contact via mobile phone, and that the vessel was South of Alderney.

Due to the differing positions given by Shooting Star to Guernsey Coastguard after they had made contact via mobile phone, and being informed that the vessel was low on fuel, the decision was made to launch the rescue services.

Air Search 1 made contact with the casualty at 21:43, South East of Jethou and the Lifeboat was alongside the vessel at 21:54.

The Spirit of Guernsey escorted the Shooting Star to St Peter Port and was back on station at 22:07.

Photo from Air Search 1

Photo from Air Search 1

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