“Spirit of Guernsey” launched to assist “Restless”a local Fast Fisher (7.0m)

0259 3rd February, 2013 A call was received from the local Cabin Cruiser “Restless”, just east of the Lower Heads, Little Russel, that she had lost all her electrics along with her engine and was unable to proceed. Unfortunately, at this time, there was no other vessel to assist the casualty so the “Spirit of Guernsey” was tasked to rescue the vessel.

0300 Lifeboat Yellow

0322 Lifeboat pierheads…. proceeding

0552 After an extensive search of the Lower Heads area, south coast of Guernsey, (down tide) the casualty was located 1.5miles north-east of Sark. The search had been severely hampered by the lack flares, lights or correctly known position.

Once the Lifeboat located the casualty , a tow was established and the vessel towed back to St Peter Port.

0640 “Spirit of Guernsey “ and casualty arrived back in St Peter Port

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