“Spirit of Guernsey” launched to search for a possible missing Kayaker

1510 A call was received from the local fishing boat, ”Genesis”, 200 metres out from Saints Bay ,that they had just located an up turned Fishing Kayak, it appeared that the kayak had been in the water for a short time. As there was no one with the kayak, an immediate search was commenced for a possible missing kayaker.

1515 Lifeboat Red

1527 Lifeboat pier-heads… proceeding to saints Bay area. St John`s Ambulance and Rescue Boat along with the Crossma Helicopter tasked to the area, Police and Marina Staff starting a shore search.

1542 Lifeboat on scene liaising with “Genesis”

1546 A call was received from the Police advising Guernsey Coastguard that the kayaker had managed to swim ashore and was safely at home. Once Guernsey Coastguard had confirmed this information all units were stood down.

1555 “Spirit of Guernsey “returning to St Peter Port.

1633 Lifeboat refuelled and back on station

The empty kayak being brought back to St Peter Port - photo by Tony Rive

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