“Spirit of Guernsey” responded to a Mayday Call from “ Defiance ”, a locally registered Fishing Vessel

0212 A Mayday Call was received by Guernsey Coastguard from “Defiance” that she was taking on water and required immediate assistance. The vessel was in a position 1.5 mls. South East of St Peter Port Harbour, engaged in trawling. 3 crew on –board.  WX:– NNW 15-20 knts. Moderate sea + swell

0213 Lifeboat Red ”Spirit of Guernsey” was called to go to the vessels assistance.

0216 A call was received from the skipper of “Defiance” informing Guernsey Coastguard that the Mayday call was a false alarm as the problem on board had been resolved, that the vessel was being pumped out, and that everything was under control.

0218 A decision was made by the Duty SAR Coordinator that the Lifeboat would proceed to escort the vessel into Port to ensure that the vessel was actually in a stable condition and that everyone was safe..

0238 St Peter Port Lifeboat Pierheads heading towards “Defiance” and escorting vessel back into St Peter Port.

0241 Both vessels safely  back in St Peter Port.  Duty Harbour Master will speak with the skipper of “Defiance” to understand how this Mayday call was allowed to be made, and review procedures on the fishing vessel as this is the third call this year form “Defiance” needing assistance from the Rescue Services.

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