St Peter Port Lifeboat Launched to Assist Diver

At 11:40am on Sunday 5th September 2021, Guernsey Coastguard received a call from a dive boat 3 miles east of Sark reporting that one of their divers had surfaced early, feet first and with air trapped in his suit. Whilst the diver was alert and breathing normally, there was concern about the possibility of decompression sickness.

St Peter Lifeboat “Spirit of Guernsey” launched on service at 12:10pm with paramedics on board and proceeded at speed to rendezvous with the dive boat. Arriving on scene at 12:28pm, the casualty was safely transferred to the Lifeboat and transported back to Guernsey arriving in St Peter Port at 12:45pm. The casualty was transferred by ambulance to the hyperbaric chamber at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital as a precaution.

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