“St Peter Port Lifeboat” launched to assist “Hiva Opa”

At 1943 on Sunday 4th March 2018, Guernsey Coastguard received a Mayday relay call from the French coastguard station Cross-ma that a 7m French vessel was in distress approximately 7nm north of Guernsey.  

The Spirit of Guernsey launched at 2015 and found the casualty with 1 person and 1 dog on-board at 2040, the vessel had experienced a complete loss of power.

One of Lifeboat crew was placed on-board the Hiva Opa to help with attaching a towline to the casualty, the lifeboat then returned to St Peter Port with the vessel in tow arriving at 23:46hrs where it was met by St. John ambulance staff and after refuelling, was back on station by 0020. hrs.

Pic by Tony Rive 04-03-18
The St Peter Port Lifeboat Spirit of Guernsey arriving alongside the Inter Island Quay Pontoon after towing in the 7 metre French Yacht Hiva Opa

Pic by Tony Rive 04-03-18

Pic by Tony Rive 04-03-18

Pic by Tony Rive 04-03-28

AIS tracking courtesy of Digimap Ltd

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