St Peter Port Lifeboat, “The Spirit of Guernsey”, Launched to Search for a Possible Body in the Water

Sunday 8th May 2016. a telephone call was received by Guernsey Coastguard, from a member of the public, who believed they had seen a body floating in the water at the entrance to Vazon Bay. A subsequent second sighting appeared to indicate that, if it were a body, it had been in the water for some considerable time. St Peter Port Lifeboat, “The Spirit of Guernsey”, was launched to search the area.

The St Peter Port Lifeboat searched the area around Richmond while Police and Local Fishermen conducted a shoreline search of Vazon Bay, Richmond and Perelle Bay. With no further sightings and no reports of a missing person the search was suspended for the night.

Police returned to the area at first light to check the shoreline once more but nothing further was seen.

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