Stranded Teenagers on Lihou Island

At approximately 16:55 yesterday evening Guernsey Coastguard received information that two teenagers had been left stranded on Lihou Island on the South West Coast of Guernsey, after being cut off by the rising tide.

At 17:05 the St Peter Port inshore lifeboat, the ‘John & Louisa’ Fisher was tasked to recover the two teenagers arriving on scene at 17:52.

The lifeboat transported the teenagers safely back to the Lihou car park headland where they were met by their parents, the Lihou Island Warden and a Guernsey Coastguard officer who offered words of advice regarding the importance of knowing the opening and closing times of the causeway.

The inshore lifeboat returned to St Peter Port and was back on station at

Pic by Tony Rive 01-09-2020 ILB John and Louisa Fisher B-870 heading back to St Peter Port after a Shout to Lihou Island. The Inshore Lifeboat passing inside of Houmtel Island north of Bordeaux Harbour after passing Beaucette Marina.
Pic by Tony Rive 01-09-2020 Guernsey’s Inshore Lifeboat John & Louisa Fisher (B-870) heading south towards St Peter Port Harbour inside Houmet Paradis just north of Bordeaux Harbour.
AIS tracking by Digimap

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