Swamped boat and missing people off Sark

2046 A call was received by mobile phone to Guernsey Coastguard, from two persons, sat on rocks, at the northern extremity of Sark ,( Beq Du Nez). They informed the Coastguard that their boat had been swamped, and that they had managed to swim to the rocks, but two other persons were unaccounted for.

This information initiated a substantial search.

2108 The “Spirit of Guernsey”, “Flying Christine III” and “Air Search One” were all tasked to search an area around the north of Sark.

It was known that the two persons on the rocks were OK, so the priority was given to search for the two missing persons still unaccounted for.

2135 A call was receive from Brecqhou that they could hear voices at the bottom of the cliff, below Jacobs Landing on the north east coast .Very fortunately, these were the two other people from the swamped boat. They were picked up by a Sark rib and taken to the “Flying Christine” and Lifeboat respectively. The woman`s medical condition worsened, resulting in the “Flying Christine “ being rushed back to St Peter Port, for further Medical attention.

The two casualties on the rocks, north Sark, were assisted by the Sark Fire brigade and the Sark Doctor gave them a clean bill of health, they remained in Sark.

The Search and Rescue service in Guernsey is very grateful for all their assistance given by all crews to bring this search to a successful conclusion as it could have very easily ended with tragic consequences.

Spirit of Guernsey backs away to let Flying Christine III refuel - photo by Tony Rive

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