“The Spirit of Guernsey” Launched to assist” Belle Mare” a Dutch 12m Yacht

Sunday 5th July 2015. As the crew of “The Spirit of Guernsey” were completing the callout for the “Deux Haricots” it became apparent that a Dutch yacht, with 3 persons on board and 7mls North –West of Guernsey may require the assistance of the lifeboat. The yacht was becalmed and the yachts engine was unreliable. ”Belle Mare” was proceeding toward St Peter Port at a slow speed with the engine failing intermittently in discussion with the Lifeboat Crew; it was decided that it would be prudent to go to the yachts assistance and not risk problems later in the night when the yacht closed with the north coast of Guernsey when approaching the Little Russel.

0006 “The Spirit of Guernsey” pierheads out bound to assist “Belle Mare”

0037 Lifeboat alongside casualty establishing a tow.

0210 ETA of Lifeboat with the casualty vessel in tow. All persons involved-safe and well.

Photo by Carl Bisson

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