“The Spirit of Guernsey” Launched to assist ”Deux Haricots” a local 21` Motor Cruiser

2203 on Saturday 4th July, 2015 a call was received by JESSC from “Trident 5” that a small cabin cruiser had departed from Herm harbour, in a cloud of black exhaust smoke, heading in the direction of St Peter Port. Unfortunately the cloud of exhaust smoke faded and the boat was observed to drift north in the tide through all the associated rocks off the north-west coast of Herm. A torch or other signalling device was being flashed towards the Trident 5, due to the proximity of the rocks and reef the Trident vessel was unable to go to the assistance of “Deux Haricots” Grave concern was raised for the safety of the seven persons on board. A decision was made to launch the Lifeboat to go to the vessels assistance.

2236 “The Spirit of Guernsey” pierheads proceeding to the casualty.

2258 Lifeboat alongside casualty establishing a tow.

2333 Lifeboat pierheads with the casualty vessel in tow. All persons involved-safe and well.

Unfortunately the local “safety at sea” message would appear not to be getting through to some target groups?

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