“The Spirit Of Guernsey ” tasked  to assist “Maluel” 3.5 miles South East of Sark

Monday 5th November, 2018

0152 A call was received from “Maluel ” (via Crossma Joburg) that a 40` French racing yacht had become entangled in fishing gear and were unable to proceed and requested assistance.

 As there were no available vessels to go to the assistance of the yacht, “The Spirit of Guernsey” was tasked to the yachts assistance- with a brief to release the vessel and tow “ Maluel “to St Peter Port if necessary

0156 Lifeboat yellow

0221 Lifeboat at the Pier Heads bound for the search casualty

0247 Lifeboat alongside casualty – working on releasing the casualty vessel.

0300 The lifeboat manages to free the yacht, steering and engine tested .. all Ok

0307 “Maluel “resuming passage to Cherbourg, “The Spirit of Guernsey “returning to St Peter Port.

0326 “The Spirit of Guernsey “ arrives back in  St Peter Port.

AIS tracking by Digimap

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