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Should anyone have any pictures of rescues, lifeboats, shipwrecks etc. together with any articles and memories, please do let us know using the link to the contact form below.

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This St Peter Port Lifeboat web site was originally produced by Colin and Mark Le Conte in 2008.

Mark Le Conte, then aged 17, had just started his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. As part of his Gold Award, there is a requirement to provide a “Community Service” for 1 hour a week for 1 year. Mark chose to be webmaster of the St Peter Port Lifeboat web site for this purpose, which will take a lot more time than that!

The site was designed by Colin Le Conte, Mark’s father who is Managing Director of Digimap –

Colin created the first ever worldwide World Offshore Powerboat site, collecting results and information from around the World and became the site to visit for Powerboat information. Colin was appointed head of computer and timing systems for the pinnacle of the sport, the Class 1 UIM World Offshore Powerboat Championship, a post he held for 14 years.

More recently, Colin produced the site to support the local World Offshore Powerboat Championship, Class III which was held in Guernsey.